Records from the Ministry of Domestic Trade indicate that it continued to register trademarks and patents last year.
Syria is increasing the fees for the publication of trademarks and designs applications.
A new law regulating the profession of Notary Public was issued by the Syrian President at the end of June.
Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property has added Syria to the countries it covers in its patent search service.
A new copyright law was enacted in September in Syria.
The Syrian trademark body has amended its practice with regards to the payment of trademark renewal applications.
The Syrian President has issued a decree establishing two new appeal courts in the coastal region.
Syria is planning to establish a boycott bureau to ban designated Turkish firms from operating in Syria.
Syria has established new courts and a prosecution office to deal with frauds related to the supply of consumer products in the market and to the use of public funds.
Syria has withdrawn from the Madrid agreement for the international registration of marks although it remains member of the protocol of the same name.
The Syrian Ministry of Economy registered 3,008 trademarks last year.
Starting at the beginning of this year, Syria is accepting trademark applications under the Tenth Edition of the Nice Agreement for the classification of goods and services.
The Syrian Trademark Office is no more requiring foreign companies to fill an application declaring they are respecting the Arab Boycott on Israel.
A new Presidential decree allows owners of “well-known and distinctive” trademarks in Syria submit a request to the Ministry of Economy and Trade to strike off and prevent others from registering or using an identical or similar mark even i...
Syria has joined the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement, according to the Directorate of Commercial and Industrial Property Protection at the Ministry of Economy and Trade.