Food & Agriculture

The Syrian government has issued a new tender to import raw sugar.
Syria’s seed cotton harvest is set to remain at a record low level for the second year in a row.
Across opposition-held areas, the supply of wheat and bread appears to be a key priority for local institutions often supported by international donors.
Syrian opposition groups are preparing for the next agricultural growing season in areas that have been freed from the control of ISIS in northern Aleppo.
An important government delegation has visited citrus fruits growers, who are mostly based in the coastal area, a regime support base, as the sector suffers from poor marketing and limited exports.
Syria has finally concluded a deal to buy wheat from Russia albeit at a significantly discounted price.
The Syrian government may, after all, not be able to pay for the one million tons of wheat it has tendered to buy from Russia.
The Syrian government is expected to announce in the next few days the name of the Russian company that will be contracted for the supply of one million tons of soft wheat.
Although estimates of Syria’s wheat crop vary they all confirm a further decline in output.
Damascus and Moscow have reportedly reached a deal on the supply of Russian wheat on preferential terms.
Lebanon has lifted the ban, imposed only three months ago, on the import of fruits and vegetables from Syria.
Syria has issued a huge tender to buy one million tons of soft wheat from Russia, which even by international standards is a very large volume.
Syria’s grains purchasing entity, the General Establishment for Cereals Processing and Trade (Hoboob), has awarded a contract to buy 200 thousand tons of Russian soft milling wheat.
The volume of wheat bought by the Syrian Government from its farmers this year is likely to be even smaller than last year’s record low level, meaning large amounts will need to be purchased from private sector traders or imported.
Syrian exports of agricultural products to Russia stood at USD 10 million since the launch of the Russian export village in Lattakia six months ago.


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