Telecoms & IT

The Syrian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has announced a 35 percent hike in phone and internet service fees that will be effective from March 1. This increase will affect the services of the state-owned Syrian Telecom Company and private internet providers, and as in previous decisions, the hike will most probably also be applied to the services provided by mobile telecom operators Syriatel and MTN.
Syriatel and MTN’s revenues posted an increase last year, according to their preliminary disclosures. The two companies have monopolised Syria's telecommunication sector since they launched operations in 2002.
A massive transfer in the ownership of Syriatel, one of Syria’s largest companies, occurred last month. After the government reactivated the trading of the company's share in the Damascus Securities Exchange, record-high deals reflected a transfer of ownership in the company. Yet, little information is available on the company's new shareholding structure.
Last month, the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria announced plans to develop and improve internet services, revealing offers by telecom operators that may start replacing Turkish and Syrian ones. Meanwhile, in Northwest Syria, the Syrian Salvation Government has monopolised internet services. 
Syria’s largest mobile operator, Syriatel, has announced the appointment of a new chairman in a series of changes to the board that mark the end of founder Rami Makhlouf’s ownership of the company, more than a year since he lost control of its management.

Chinese technology giant Huawei has appointed new managers to its subsidiary in Syria, confirming its continued presence in the country despite reports it was considering quitting several years ago.