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The 15 Arab League countries which have agreed to form a free trade zone decided yesterday to remove all customs tariffs by 2005, two years earlier than scheduled, officials in Cairo said.
Iraq and Syria agreed on Friday to invest in joint industrial ventures in a further improvement of ties after years of tension, the official Iraqi News Agency (INA) said.
"Syria does not allow any public organism, whatever its motives, to subsidise its exports of cotton yarns" said Shibli Abu Fakher, assistant minister of economy, in an answer to European claims that Syria is flooding the European market with ...
In a meeting with a European Union representative, the Syrian Minister of Economy, Mohammad el-Imadi, assured that Syria was not subsidising its exporters of clothing and apparels and that it was not dumping the export price of cotton yarns.

By the end of September, sales of the free markets authority reached USD20 million, reported Al Sharq al Awsat. Kamal al Faqir, head of the authority, said that free markets are present in Damascus as well as Aleppo, Lattakia and Tartous.