Retail & Trade


Syria's trade with Jordan has increased by 68% in the first five months of the year according to a statement released by the Jordanian Department of Statistics.


Syria and Iraq have agreed to standardize 172 descriptions for goods and commodities exchanged between them, according to a communique released at the end of the 4th session of the Syrian-Iraqi joint committee.
Syria and Oman will sign a bilateral free trade agreement by next July, reported the Times of Oman.
According to Turkey's minister of transport, who was attending the joint Syrian-Turkish transport committee in Damascus, trade between the two neighbouring countries reached USD 745 million in 2001, from USD 545 million in 2000.
The visit to Syria of Leonid Kuchma, President of Ukraine, has led to the signing of a series of cooperation and investment agreements between the two countries.
Syria and Qatar are currently holding discussions in Doha for the establishment of a free trade area between them by the beginning of next year and for the avoidance of double taxation.
Officials from the ministries of economy and transport said that a project for the establishment, in the coastal Tartous governorate, of a free trade zone, with its own port, is currently being studied, reported Moheet, an Arabic portal.
Pakistan Commerce Minister Abdul Razak Daoud offered to import raw cotton from Syria at zero duty, in exchange for Syrian imports of Pakistanese sugar, paper, cement, and fertiliser equipment.