According to Al Qarrar, an Arabic monthly, the court decision to award the Mercedes-Benz license in Syria to the Sanqar&Sons company, at the expense of a state-owned organism, led to the sidelining of the court judges.


Syria's government resigned Monday, the official SANA news agency said, in a long-awaited move analysts regard as a sign President Bashar al-Assad will try to push reform of the country's command economy.


A new Syrian government led by Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa Miro was formed on Thursday following a decree issued by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


The leading French rail and urban transport engineering and consulting company is projecting to achieve a study on a Damascus-Aleppo fast track link that would put the two cities within two hours of each other.


Lawyers for Syrian opposition deputy Riad Seif, accused of trying to change the constitution illegally, called Wednesday for Syrian parliament speaker Abdel Kader Kaddura to be summoned to testify, reported L'Orient-le-Jour.


The National progressive front, the highest executive body in the country, has requested each member party to put forward a list of its executives to fill the ministerial post that each of them is entitled to in the government, reported Al Hayat.


According to diplomatic sources, president Bashar al-Assad is expected to appoint a new cabinet in the coming few weeks, his first government reshuffle since he succeeded his late father Hafez al-Assad, said CNN.


Political sources in Damascus said that President Bashar el Assad is expected to re-appoint Mustapha Miro as head of the incoming government, reported Al Hayat.


The events of September 11 have opened opportunities that must be grasped to forge better relations with countries such as Iran and Syria, said British Prime Minister Tony Blair.


Syria and its close ally Lebanon are to end their boycott of a 27-nation European Union Mediterranean conference next week despite Israel's presence at a ministerial meeting in Brussels, reported Zawya.