To further cement its governance, the Syrian Salvation Government, the political arm of the Islamist Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, has begun issuing compulsory identification cards for residents in areas under its control. The cards are required to receive essential services and to conduct any transaction.  
During his first visit to India as a minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Faisal Mekdad met with high-level Indian officials to discuss strengthening bilateral relations and the status of a credit line that India extended to Syria before the conflict. 
The following interview was conducted by The Syria Report with Jeanne Pryor, USAID’s Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Middle East Bureau whose portfolio includes USAID’s operations in Syria. The interview sheds light on USAID’s approach to early recovery projects in regime- and non-regime-held areas; its efforts to support the private sector in areas outside regime control; and the interagency mechanisms and vetting processes in place to ensure USAID funds are not awarded to sanctioned or regime-affiliated parties.
Over the past few months, the government has held several conferences for expatriates across Syria to encourage Syrians in the diaspora to invest in Syria. Expatriates voiced their demands to the government during the conferences, which saw the presence of Syria’s ministers of interior, foreign affairs, and tourism and representatives from industrial cities and the chambers of commerce and industry.