On the occasion of recent protests in Suweida, the following is a background on Suweida, its demographics, geography, and the state of government and private investments in the governorate.
The Biden administration recently published a written strategy outlining aspects of its interagency plan to intercept and dismantle “illicit captagon networks linked to the Assad regime.” The plan also includes proposals to collaborate with affected countries, such as Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, which has become the biggest market for the narcotic, according to recent investigations and reports. 
Ahead of the Turkish elections, one of the key areas of concern remains the future of Ankara's policy towards Syria and Syrian refugees. As Turkey continues to navigate the complexities of the Syrian conflict, it is important to understand how the election results may shape its approach towards its neighbouring country.
Syria has been readmitted into the Arab League more than a decade after its seat was frozen, marking a significant development in its reintegration into the Arab world. The decision will provide Damascus with a political boost and may encourage other countries in and outside of the Arab world to normalise and improve relations with Syria.
Between March 14 and 16, President Bashar Al-Assad led a high-level delegation to Moscow to meet with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. During the visit, the two leaders discussed political, economic, and military cooperation, the Turkish-Syrian settlement, post-war reconstruction, and more.