Oil & Gas

The Syrian General Company for Phosphate and Mines has so far this year exported 1.5 million tons of phosphate worth 1.38 billion Syrian pounds (US$208 million), reported Zawya.

Petrofac Resources International (PRI) Ltd, an oil engineering, construction and equipment company, has sold its rights in three gas and oil exploration blocks it is bidding for in Syria to Stratic Energy Corporation, a Canada-based firm.

The building of a gas pipeline between the Syrian port of Banias and Cyprus will depend on the development of the regional gas grid which will eventually link Egypt to Syria, a Cyprus government source told Reuters.
The Syrian government is projecting to establish a national gas company which would be in charge of managing the country's developing gas sector.
Syria and Sudan signed on October 12 a technical and scientific cooperation agreement to jointly develop their oil, gas and other mineral resources.
The Syrian Petroleum Company (SPC) has discovered a news gas field in the north-eastern part of the country with a capacity of 7 million cubic feet a day (cft/d) (200,000 cubic meters a day).
Syria is currently producing 550,000 barrels of oil a day. This is what said yesterday Ibrahim Haddad, Ministry of oil and mineral resources, at the opening of Syroil, the largest oil exhibition in the country.