According to Shibli Abu Fakhr, Syria's deputy minister of economy, the signing of the Lebanon-EU association agreement will have positive repercussions on Syria. In an interview to Al Thawra, Abu Fakhr added that Lebanon would benefit at three different levels from the agreement. By opening up European markets to Lebanese products, by enhancing technical and financial co-operation between Lebanon and the EU and by attracting European investors to Lebanon.

The retirement age for certain categories of wage earners and employees has been lowered to 55 years for men and 50 years for women.
Syrian President Bashar Assad granted on Tuesday Syrian public sector employees bonuses amounting to 50 of their monthly salaries, on the occasion of Eid al Futr, said SANA, the state news agency.
Syrian President Bashar Al Assad signed into effect a law yesterday creating an agency to battle the country's severe unemployment, which touches an estimated 20 per cent of Syria's job-age population, reported the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).
Lebanon's parliament passed a law on Wednesday for the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT), which is expected to significantly raise government revenues.