This profile covers the Syria Civil Defence, also known as the White Helmets, a grassroots organisation of ordinary Syrians who volunteer whose actions have earned them global recognition.
In this profile, The Syria Report provides an overview of the Hijaz Railways Organisation, one of two state-owned companies running Syria’s rail network. The 1,465-kilometre Hijaz Railway was inaugurated in 1908 to transport Muslim pilgrims to the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia.
This profile provides an overview of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, one of Syria's largest and most influential humanitarian relief and first-aid organisation.
This report provides a detailed account of Syria's chambers of commerce and industry, tracing their roles, activities, and representatives before and after the conflict. It also sheds light on chambers established by the Syrian Salvation Government and the Syrian Interim Government.
The profile provides an overview of Samer Al-Dibs, a prominent businessman, member of Parliament and Head of the Damascus, and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry.
This profile provides an overview of Yassar Ibrahim, a notorious war profiteer and the current economic advisor to Bashar Al-Assad.
This report provides an overview of the Syrian smart card system. It trace the scheme’s genesis, which predates the uprising, examines smart card beneficiaries, the recent steps the government took to curb shortages through the cards, and the company behind the scheme. 
This profile features Syrian businessman Ayman Jaber, one of the country's most notorious militia leaders. It provides an overview of Mr Jaber's business activities and companies before and after the 2011 conflict and sheds light on the businessman's downfall in 2017.
This report provides an overview of the renewable energy sector, the government's strategy for the industry, the most important renewable projects over the last few years, and foreign and local companies involved in the sector.
This profile provides an overview of the Joud family, one of the most powerful family in Syria, their business interests, and associated companies. Over several decades, the family has established a group of companies active in a range of sectors.
This report covers administrative units, how units are determined, the various levels of governance, the financial and administrative independence these units enjoy, and the local councils responsible for governing the units, their members, and their sources of revenues.
The following profile provides an overview of Tarif Al-Akhras, a prominent Syrian businessman from Homs and a close relative of Asma Al-Assad. Mr Al-Akhras rose to fame before the 2011 conflict and became a major player in the country's food trade, particularly in the sugar industry.
This profile provides an overview of Mazen Tarazi, a Syrian businessman who acquired much of his wealth abroad, before becoming a prominent player in the Syrian business community during the conflict.
This report provides an overview of Syria's political and economic ties with the Maghreb, namely Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, since 2000 until today, shedding light on trade, investments, and various agreements.
This profile covers Syrian businessman Mohammad Hamsho, whose rise to fame predates the conflict and who is widely believed to be acting as a front for Maher Al-Assad, the brother of the Syrian president.
This report provides an overview of Syria’s Air Transportation Sector, including a breakdown of its main actors, an assessment of the sector before and after the start of the conflict, and the current state of affairs.