Government institutions

The General Union of Farmers is a government institution controlled by the ruling Baath Party.

The official role of the General Federation of Trade Unions is to lobby for the rights of the Syrian labour force, although in practice it largely consists in monitoring and using it to support the Syrian authorities.


The General Establishment for Pensions is the state entity in charge of paying pensions to civil servants and public sector employees.


The Regional Planning Commission was established in 2010 to devise countrywide regional-planning schemes and balanced economic development programmes.


The formal goals of the Ministry include improving the performance of the Syrian public sector and in particular services to the general public as well as combating corruption.


The Ministry of Defence is responsible over leading the Syrian armed forces.


The Higher Commission for Scientific Research is a government body tasked with devising national strategies for scientific research, coordinating efforts between research institutions and contributing to funding them.

The Atomic Energy Commission of Syria is a state institution with the formal mission of conducting research on the civilian use of atomic energy.