Business registry

Information for the companies listed here is sourced from the official gazette. They are either limited liabilities, joint stock companies or branches of foreign companies. They appear in descending chronological order based on the issue date of the official gazette.

General trading and contracting; Pharmaceutical manufacturing; Import-export chemical materials of human medicines; Investing in medicines manugacturing.
Providing data related to the environmental field; carrying out projects contributing to environmental protection; importing and exporting all permitted materials; contracting.
Contracting; import, export and trade of renewable and electrical energy systems, devices, machinery, and all related equipment.
Creating, managing, and owning establishments related to the tourism industry; establishing agricultural projects; trading, importing, and exporting all related materials and equipment.
Contracting of food supplies, and equipment related to electricity, oil, and construction; contracting of projects related to electricity, oil, and gas outside of Syria     .
Establishing, owning, and managing hospitals and medical centres; importing related medical equipment.
Import and export of all authorised material, contracting, trade of computer supplies, domestic and industrial electrical equipment, air conditioner, electricity generators, energy-saving equipment, solar and renewable energy equipment, control devices, batteries, electric energy meters, lighting devices and communication towers; contracting; construction work and house reconstruction.
Import and export of all authorised materials; supply of material; contracting; and trading of all kind of foodstuffs.
Import and export of all authorised materials; contracting; trade of all building materials; panels, decoration, painting supplies and accessories, ceramic, marble and sanitary material for construction of all kinds.
Providing services in telecommunications and IT, tracking devices and applications; import and export of all authorised materials; trading of electronic payment devices and all related equipment and accessories; and contracting.
Advertisement services and import of equipment for the advertisement industry.
Jeyron is a trading company specialised in building materials, heavy machinery and medical equipment.
This Lattakia-based company trades in cars, machinery, and spare parts.
Engid Trading and Contracting trades in a whole set of products including food, detergents, textile and leather products.