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Syrian Pearl Airways, a subsidiary of Cham Holding, has suspended its operations a month after their launch.


Syrian Pearl Airways will launch its operations early next month, after it receives two BAE 146-300 aircrafts leased from Orion Air, a Spanish charter carrier, according to AbdulRahman Al-Attar, chairman of the company.


Syrianair has announced that it has been operating a new leased plane since March 11.


Syrianair has announced that it will lease an Airbus 320 plane from Jordan Aviation, a privately-owned commercial airline based in Amman.

Jazeera Airways has announced that it was launching a new route to Deir-ez-Zor.
Cham Wings Airlines has announced that it had concluded negotiations to lease two Airbus A319 aircrafts for a period of three years.
The visit of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Damascus on September 3rd and 4th was concluded with the signing of a number of commercial agreements and memoranda of understanding between French and Syrian companies and institutions.

Syrian Pearl Airways is considering buying airplanes from Brazilian manufacturer Embraer, according to Said Al-Hakim, Commercial Director of the Syrian Civil Aviation Authority.


Syrianair will add two new Airbus planes to its fleet before the end of the year under a lease contract, according to Ya'rob Badr, Minister of Transport.


Syrian Airways Pearl, Syria's first privately-owned airliner, has been formally established following the company's first assembly general held last week in Damascus.

Abdallah Dardari, Syria’s Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic Affairs concluded a 2-day trip to France on the footsteps of the Syrian President visit to Paris in July 13 and 14.
UAE airlines will have unlimited access to Syrian airports, except Damascus’, following an agreement between the Civil Aviation Authorities of the two countries
Syrianair carried a total of 1.271 million passengers in 2007 according to Yarob Badr, Minister of Transport.
George W. Bush announced on May 7 that he was extending economic sanctions against Syria for another year.
Cham Holding has signed a memorandum of understanding with Amlak Finance to establish a new venture, Amlak Finance - Syria.

The Syrian Parliament has passed a law establishing Pearl Aviation, Syria’s first private airline company.


The Syrian Government has granted a license to establish the first private airline company in Syria to operate scheduled flights.

Cham Wings Airlines, a private airliner owned by Iraqi and Syrian businessmen, announced in December that it would be flying its first flight from Damascus before the end of the year.

Construction works at the Hijaz Station estate are now expected to start in June after they were initially scheduled to begin in February


Syrianair’s revenues reached SYP 11.47 billion (USD 225 million) in 2006, an annual growth of 4.3 percent, according to SANA, the state news agency


The Syrian Ministry of Transport has asked Russia's Ilyushin Finance Company (IFC) to build a repair and service center for Ilyushin jets in Syria as a condition for Syrianair to finalize the purchase deal with the Russian company.


Syrianair has announced that it would stop flying to four destinations in Asia and the Middle East. The four cities are Delhi, Bombay, Tunis and Manama (Bahrain)

The trade volume between Syria and the US fell by half in the first three quarters of this year following a sharp fall in Syrian exports of crude oil and derivatives.

A number of Syrian investors have won together the contracts to develop several key real estate and transport projects including the Hijaz Station estate in central Damascus.

Syrianair, the national air carrier will be joining before the end of the year the Arabesk Group.
Syria’s largest cities should witness next year the most dramatic change in decades in their public transportation system.

The Syrian Ministry of Transport has concluded a memorandum of understanding with Russia's Ilyushin Finance Company for the leasing of seven Russian-made airplanes.

Syrianair profits rose to SYP 907 (USD 18 million) million last year a 100 percent annual increase over the year 2003, when profits had totalled SYP 453 million (USD 9 million).

A delegation from Ilyushin, the Russian civil and military aircrafts manufacturer visited Damascus late April to look into the opportunity of selling its passenger planes to the Syrian national carrier.


Syrianair, the national state-owned air carrier, carried a total of 1.220 million passengers in 2005, according to Nashaat Numair, the company’s General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors.


Syrianair occupancy rate went up to 95 percent for the first nine months of the year 2005, according to Director General Nashaat Numeir.


Syrian Arab Airlines is planning to rent planes in order to increase capacity and meet increasing demand, according to the Director General of the company, Nashaat Numayr.

The Syrian government issued for the first time a license to an air transport company fully owned by the private sector to operate in Syria.

Airbus is the only company to have put forward an offer for the supply of seven aircrafts to Syrian Arab Airlines, the national air carrier, according to Makram Obeid, Minister of Transport.

The Air Taxi project has been finally licensed by the Investment Higher Council (IHC). The Air Taxi will operate as a shuttle airliner between Damascus, Lebanon and several regional cities.

Syria’s income from tourism is estimated to have reached USD 1.85 billion in 2004, an annual 31% rise from 2003 (USD 1.414 billion), according to the Ministry of Tourism.

Syrianair has issued a tender for the purchase of seven new planes, including one optional.
Syrianair is increasing its fleet following a decision by its board to purchase seven new planes. The order is the first important decision of its newly-set independent Board of Directors.
The new airliner is expected to carry 500,000 passengers by the end of its fifth year of operations. It will use Mazzeh airport as its main hub and headquarters.
After months of debates, US President George Bush finally signed the executive decree implementing the Syria Accountability Act.
Cyprus Airways has made an official demand to rent eight planes from Syrianair.
Syrianair's 2003 income grew to SYP 8.6 billion (USD 171 million), according to Nashaat al-Numeir, its new Director-General and head of its Board of Directors.

Syrianair, the national air carrier, is opening new routes starting June 1st, 2004.

The transport sector continues to witness significant investments. Air traffic is set to increase with new airports and growing capacity.
The national air carrier has been allowed to offer its services in joint-venture with private sector companies.
Lufthansa, the German air carrier, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Syrian Arab Airlines (Syrianair) to conduct an assessment of the current state of the national air carrier and of the Syrian civil aviation sector in general.
Syrianair has recently opened its fifth new office of the year in Sayyida Zeinab, in the outskirts of Damascus.
The national air carrier, Syrian Arab Airlines is expected to make a new order for six new Airbus aircrafts.
Makram Obeid, Minister of Transport, said that the capacity of Damascus Airport, currently of 2.5 million passengers a year, would be increased to 3.5 million in 2005, to 5 million in 2008 and to 10 million in 2010.
Syrianair has reported pre-tax profits of SYP352.5 million (USD6.78 million) in the first half of this year out of a total turnover of SYP6.8 billion (USD130 million).