Syrianair (149)


Syrianair has been cut off from the SITA network, which provides reservation and other services to air carriers.


The government has named a number of new managers and officials at the ministry of transport and in the companies affiliated to it.


The US Treasury froze last week the assets of Syrianair, among several other entities and individuals it has blacklisted.


The Ministry of Transport has announced that it was going ahead with a deal to purchase ten Ukrainian-made Antonov planes to expand the fleet of Syrianair.


The European Union has amended its blacklist of Syrian individuals and entities and issued new restrictions on Syrianair and on arms trade.


The forced landing of a Syrian commercial plane in Turkey last week has heightened tensions among the two countries and led to a twin airspace ban that will disrupt further Syria’s international transport links.


Syrianair is adding Amman to its flight schedule and increasing its flights to Beirut as sanctions by the EU and other western countries prevent it from flying to many of its traditional destinations.


The European Union has published the names of Syrian entities and individuals that were included to its sanctions list last week.


The American Administration has added 35 new names of Syrian individuals and institutions to its sanctions list, while the EU announced new measures against the Syrian government.


The latest round of violence in Syria has pushed the few remaining airliners operating in the country to announce a suspension or a reduction of their flights to Damascus citing falling passenger numbers and security conditions.


The number of passengers that used the Airport of Qamishli, in the northeast of the country, rose to over 30,205 in the first six months of the year.


Syrianair is finalizing discussions with a Russian manufacturer to buy new regional aircrafts, its general manager, Ghaidaa AbdulLatif, said.


Syrianair, Syria’s state-owned national carrier, is benefitting from the withdrawal of international companies from the market and the unrest in various parts of the country to increase the size of its operations.


Updated February 15: Syria raised the prices of petroleum coke and kerosene sold in the local market as well as that of fertilisers.


Starting February 16 Syrianair will operate four weekly flights to Iraq on the back of the growing economic ties and religious tourism between the two countries, according to Ghaidaa AbdulLatif, its General Manager.


Syrianair has announced a resumption of the Aleppo-Beirut route after a suspension of nine years.


On September 28 Syrianair signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of three medium range Russian-made Tupolev aircrafts that are designed to meet the latest international safety and environment standards.


Syrianair, the country’s embattled national carrier, has issued a tender for the restructuring of its operations.


Syrianair has signed a contract to refurbish its two ageing Boeing 747 planes with AlSalam Aircraft, a Saudi-based Boeing subsidiary, according to a local daily.


The Ministry of Finance is issuing on December 13 SYP 2 billion worth of Treasury Bills with maturities of three and six months, the first issue of Government securities in decades.

Qatar Airways has signed an open sky agreement with the Syrian Civil Aviation Authority, the first such agreement signed by Syria.

The Ministry of Transport has released half year figures for various sectors of the transport industry.

HOBOOB, or the state-owned General Organisation for Cereals Trade and Processing, has secured the total financing it requires to purchase the 2010-2011 wheat crop.

Syrianair, Syria's national air carrier, has announced that it was re-launching flights to several destinations, following its purchase of two ATR-72 planes.

Syrianair will be able to repatriate and use again its two A-320 planes currently blocked in Germany after the company maintaining the engines, Lufthansa Technik (LHT), announced that it had received an export license from the US Administration.
The Damascus Community School, also known as the American School in Damascus, will reopen its doors next year and open registration on May 2.

Syrianair has taken delivery of the two ATR 72-500 planes it purchased recently from French-Italian manufacturer, Avions de Transport Régional.


Syrianair will take delivery in April of two French-made ATR planes, the first planes the national carrier is acquiring in some fifteen years.

The White House announced on February 16 the appointment of Robert Ford as its new ambassador in Damascus, five years after the withdrawal of the previous American ambassador in Syria.
Cham Wings Airlines, Syria’s first private sector airliner, will be expanding its fleet with a new aircraft next month. The Syria Report talks to Ossama Satea, Business Development Manager, on the company’s performance and prospects.

The US Department of Commerce has refused to grant an export license to European plane manufacturer Airbus for the sale of planes to Syrianair, according to Yarob Badr, Syria’s Minister of Transport.

Syrian Arab Airlines is considering buying two French-manufactured turboprop ATR 72-500s airplanes in a move that would help it avoid a total halt of its services.

The fleet of Syrian Arab Airlines has been reduced to three aircrafts after the US Government intervened to ground the engines of two of the planes that were under repair in Germany, The Syria Report has learned.             


After repeated failures to buy European manufactured airplanes, Syrianair, the national carrier, is looking again at procurements from Russia.

The US Administration has lifted some of the economic sanctions it is imposing on Syria, according to the Syrian Ambassador in Washington, Imad Mustafa.
The United States has announced that it was reappointing an ambassador to Damascus four years after it withdrew its envoy there.

Syrian Pearl Airways, a subsidiary of Cham Holding, has suspended its operations a month after their launch.


Syrian Pearl Airways will launch its operations early next month, after it receives two BAE 146-300 aircrafts leased from Orion Air, a Spanish charter carrier, according to AbdelRahman Al-Attar, chairman of the company.


Syrianair has announced that it has been operating a new leased plane since March 11.


Syrianair has announced that it will lease an Airbus 320 plane from Jordan Aviation, a privately-owned commercial airline based in Amman.

Jazeera Airways has announced that it was launching a new route to Deir-ez-Zor.
Cham Wings Airlines has announced that it had concluded negotiations to lease two Airbus A319 aircrafts for a period of three years.
The visit of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Damascus on September 3rd and 4th was concluded with the signing of a number of commercial agreements and memoranda of understanding between French and Syrian companies and institutions.

Syrian Pearl Airways is considering buying airplanes from Brazilian manufacturer Embraer, according to Said Al-Hakim, Commercial Director of the Syrian Civil Aviation Authority.


Syrianair will add two new Airbus planes to its fleet before the end of the year under a lease contract, according to Ya'rob Badr, Minister of Transport.


Syrian Airways Pearl, Syria's first privately-owned airliner, has been formally established following the company's first assembly general held last week in Damascus.

Abdallah Dardari, Syria’s Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic Affairs concluded a 2-day trip to France on the footsteps of the Syrian President visit to Paris in July 13 and 14.