Syrianair (137)


The list below includes all the Syrian individuals, entities, aircrafts and vessels that have been put under sanctions by the U.S. Administration since 2005.


Syrianair has started operating a new aircraft and withdrawn another, while the U.S. Department of Justice has indicted several individuals for selling aircraft parts to it.


Syrian Arab Airlines, the national air carrier also known as Syrianair, will see its status change as the government seeks to accommodate more private companies.


The Syrian government, which is largely isolated from western countries, continues to try to build economic ties with other countries, although, six years after the beginning of the uprising, the impact of these efforts is hardly successful.


Syrianair is adding a fourth aircraft to its fleet, a 16-year old Airbus A340.


Fly Damas, one of two Syrian private airlines, has signed an agreement to help boost bilateral trade with Iraq.


Only a week after the announcement that Aleppo Airport will resume its operations soon, flights have resumed at Lattakia’s Bassel Al-Assad airport.


The Syrian government is planning to reopen the Aleppo Airport years after it was closed.


Syrianair has begun flying a third aircraft and is preparing to operate a fourth in the coming weeks, the minister of transport said.


Syrian media are reporting that Cham Wings, a private airline, has been granted a license by the European air traffic regulator, to fly to Europe, potentially restoring air traffic between Damascus and EU countries.


Syrianair, the state-owned carrier, has rented a 20-year old Airbus plane from Iran’s Mahan Air to increase the size of its fleet that had fallen to a single aircraft.


The Syrian Civil Aviation Authority has suspended for one full month the license of Cham Wings, the country’s main private sector airline.


Cham Wings has announced the opening of a new route to Tehran as Syrianair sees almost all its fleet grounded.


The fleet of Syrianair is down to as little as two planes as the Government appears reluctant to disburse funds to repair the company’s planes.


The Syrian Civil Aviation Authority has provided data on airport traffic and on the performance of Syrianair, the national carrier, in the last two years.


Cham Wings continues to expand its services and will start soon flying to Sudan.


Traffic at Syrian airports increased 20 percent on an annual basis in the first half of this year, according to a Government official.


Cham Wings has resumed today a direct air link between Damascus and Doha.


A Ukrainian company has begun flights to Lattakia airport, becoming one of the rare European airlines to fly to Syria.


Passenger traffic remains strong at Qamishli Airport, which continues to benefit from the lack of security on Syrian roads.


Syrianair has reportedly managed to buy, through friendly countries, new engines for one of its Airbus aircrafts.


Syrianair will start flying again to Bahrain, according to a report from a local newspaper.


Cham Wings, Syria’s only private airline, is starting round trips to Kuwait, the company announced in a statement.


The fleet of Syrianair, the country’s national airline, is down to four planes after the grounding of an Airbus plane for engine failure, according to local reports.


The Syrian national airline has reported profits in its activity last year as it continues to fly to several destinations in and out of the country.


Syrianair transported more than 20,000 passengers on its international flights last month, official data show.


Syria’s income from air traffic has declined by almost three quarters year-on-year as most international companies have rerouted their flight plans.


The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration banned on August 18 all American airlines from flying over Syria.


Syrianair has announced that its safety accreditation has been renewed by IATA.


Syria has repaired two of its civilian aircrafts in Iran, according to local press reports.


A new Syrian private airliner will start flying a daily round trip from Damascus to Kuwait starting March 30.


Syrian Airlines is going to resume regular flights between Damascus and Aleppo, a spokesman of the company said.


Syria’s transport industry lost some 61 billion Syrian pounds from the conflict according to the Minister of Transport.


Syrianair has suspended all its flights to Egypt, the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority has announced.


Syrianair resumed on Wednesday its flights to Cairo as Egypt announced that it had eased again the requirements imposed on Syrians to enter its territory.


Syrianair has signed a contract with a new computer reservation system following its removal from the SITA network.


Syrianair has been cut off from the SITA network, which provides reservation and other services to air carriers.


The government has named a number of new managers and officials at the ministry of transport and in the companies affiliated to it.


The US Treasury froze last week the assets of Syrianair, among several other entities and individuals it has blacklisted.


The Ministry of Transport has announced that it was going ahead with a deal to purchase ten Ukrainian-made Antonov planes to expand the fleet of Syrianair.


The European Union has amended its blacklist of Syrian individuals and entities and issued new restrictions on Syrianair and on arms trade.


The forced landing of a Syrian commercial plane in Turkey last week has heightened tensions among the two countries and led to a twin airspace ban that will disrupt further Syria’s international transport links.


Syrianair is adding Amman to its flight schedule and increasing its flights to Beirut as sanctions by the EU and other western countries prevent it from flying to many of its traditional destinations.


The European Union has published the names of Syrian entities and individuals that were included to its sanctions list last week.


The American Administration has added 35 new names of Syrian individuals and institutions to its sanctions list, while the EU announced new measures against the Syrian government.


The latest round of violence in Syria has pushed the few remaining airliners operating in the country to announce a suspension or a reduction of their flights to Damascus citing falling passenger numbers and security conditions.


The number of passengers that used the Airport of Qamishli, in the northeast of the country, rose to over 30,205 in the first six months of the year.


Syrianair is finalizing discussions with a Russian manufacturer to buy new regional aircrafts, its general manager, Ghaidaa AbdulLatif, said.