Syria Recovery Trust Fund (25)


Japan has provided a new contribution to an opposition-affiliated development fund.


A fund dedicated to investment in the opposition areas has received additional payments and pledges worth dozens of millions of dollars from various western donors.


An opposition-affiliated fund has announced that it will be investing more than USD 10 million in development projects in the southern governorate of Quneitra.


The United States has provided a new grant to an opposition-affiliated fund that operates in Syria’s north and south.


The opposition’s main investment fund is multiplying the announcements of its recent achievements, a reflection of its need to show its continued relevance, after the shrinking of the territory under the control of rebel forces.


Syria’s main opposition development fund has announced the disbursement of new amounts to improve electricity distribution in southern Syria.


A fund financed by western countries is launching its second operation in the space of three months in Syria’s southern governorates to supply wheat to the population, highlighting the severe impact of last year’s poor harvest.


The Syrian opposition’s main development fund has received new grants to finance its development projects while it finalized a key project in the north.


USAID is providing a new financial contribution to a development fund working in opposition-held parts of Syria.


The Syrian opposition’s main development fund is investing in a new project to build and rehabilitate water sewerage networks in the norther parts of the country.


Across opposition-held areas, the supply of wheat and bread appears to be a key priority for local institutions often supported by international donors.


An opposition fund has announced new funding contracts for development projects in the opposition-held parts of the country, in particular its first venture in the education sector.


Syria’s opposition-affiliated investment fund has announced that it had received new financial support and that it was launching new projects in various parts of the country.


The Syrian opposition investment fund has announced a new allocation of money to help food supply sustainability in the northern opposition-controlled areas.


Japan has provided a new financial grant to the main opposition-managed fund dedicated to finance projects in rebel areas.


Germany has announced that it was contributing an additional amount to projects in opposition-held areas.


Six municipalities in the opposition-held parts of the Daraa Governorate will see a resumption of waste management services through a new EUR 3.17 million project.


Two new countries have announced additional commitments to Syria’s recovery fund.


The Syria Recovery Trust Fund has approved a new project to supply medical equipment to hospitals located in northern, opposition-controlled Syria.


The Syrian opposition’s development fund has received a new commitment from a donor country.


Two hospitals in the opposition-held parts of Syria are getting new financial support.


The Syria Recovery Trust Fund is receiving another USD 15 million to fund development projects within opposition-held territories in Syria.


The opposition-held segment of Aleppo is benefitting from new funds for the collection and treatment of its solid waste.


The trust fund in charge of funding development and humanitarian projects in opposition-held parts of the country announced in August financial agreements worth more than EUR 4 million for new projects.