Homs (822)


Extreme violence on Friday June 3 during after prayers protestors resulted in the deaths of at least 63. The worst of the unrest occurred in Hama, where over forty were reportedly killed.


An estimated 12 people died in unrest on Friday May 27, while harsh criticisms and strong calls for reform from neighboring Turkey have yet to hold sway with the Syrian government, and the international community continues in its struggle to come to a firm consensus on the most appropriate response to the turmoil in Syria.


The Hassia Industrial City of tender has issued a tender for the conduct of the urban and infrastructure design of a residential compound that will host people working in it.


After two weeks of comparative calm amid weeks of acute turmoil, Friday saw a resurgence of extreme violence with the death-toll from the day's after-prayers protests reportedly reaching as high as 44.


Another week of protests across Syria has ended with hopes of less violent future demonstrations and promises by the government to launch a national dialogue in an effort to find a solution to the stalemate.


Biogest, a German company specialised in water treatment solutions, has begun construction works on the water treatment plant of the Hessia Industrial City.


Conflicting narratives abound in Syria, as the government and those participating in the unrest across the country endeavor to shape how Syrians and the outside world interpret the country's tumult.


Syria’s General Company for Mills has awarded a EUR 53.5 million contract for the construction of four new flour mills.


Syria refined 3.029 million tons of oil products in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 3.84 percent from planned levels, the Ministry of Petroleum said.


There has been a marked decline in unrest across Syria over the course of the last week. The precise reason for this remains unclear - as does the outlook for the protest movement itself. 


Syria’s oil subsidy bill, one of the main expense items for the government, reached SYP 49 billion in the first quarter of this year, or around USD 1 billion, according to government statistics.


Syria’s production of crude oil stood at 387,000 barrels of oil a day in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 4,000 bpd compared to the same period of 2010, according to the Ministry of Petroleum.


The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked its citizens whose presence in Syria is not indispensable, to leave the country.


The Ministry of Housing and Construction said that it planned to invest more than SYP 90 billion, or USD 1.9 billion, in the construction of sewage treatment plants in the coming five years.


For the first time in five weeks, President Bashar al-Assad offered no concessions the day before Friday's planned mass after-prayers protests.


The British Foreign Office updated twice last week its travel advice for Syria and asked its nationals with "no pressing need to remain" to leave the country.


Syria’s oil balance turned negative in 2008 when imports overtook exports for the first time in more than two decades, according to newly released statistics.


On Friday, violence in Syria reached shocking levels as more than 100 were killed in crackdowns against protestors who rallied after morning prayers in cities, towns and villages across the country.


The Syrian President has named two new officials to head the Homs and Lattakia Governorates.


Agricultural and animal investments; production of poultry and eggs; trade, import, export 


Set-up and manage a private university and all kinds of educational institutions (schools and institutes)


Over the weekend, President Bashar al-Assad addressed the nation for the second time since the beginning of the unrest in mid-March. His speech highlighted the most significant demands of the country's protest movement and came on the heels of another week of turbulence in cities and villages across the country.


Protests in Syria are approaching their fifth week and are showing no signs of slowing. The death toll from ongoing unrest continues to rise as the government states there is "no more room for leniency or tolerance" in response to recent turmoil in the country.


The Syrian Government has formalized a harder approach to protests as Said Bkheitan, the deputy head of the Baath Party, said that the situation now requires “deterring and decisive decisions” to restore order.


The Syrian President has fired the Governor of Homs, a much hated figure by the local population and the second head of a Governorate to be dismissed in the last fifteen days.


Manufacturing of animal feed (concentrated feed,cattle feed) from vegetable origin, poultry feed; tradeegetable enoocconcentrated


Protests across Syria, which are yet to gain critical mass, reached for the first time the country’s north-east, following a Presidential speech that failed to deliver much-awaited announcements on political reforms.


Updated March 28th: Since the inception of unrest in Syria on March 15 2011, tensions here have shown few signs of cooling and indeed have been continually stoked by rising fatalities.


Manufacturing and assembly of oil drilling  machines


Set-up, manage, own universities and private educational institutions


Unrests in the Middle East region spread to Syria last week leading to the deaths of at least five civilians and to condemnations from the United Nations, the United States and France.


Trading and contracting


Trading and manufacturing of garments 


Trade, import, export all kinds of goods, hygienic products, chemical materials, disinfectants, pesticides; home and electronics appliances, scientific, medical, laboratories, hospitals, restaurants equipment; set-up and equip hospitals and manage them; set-up and invest in hotels, tourism resorts, commercial malls, restaurants, schools, universities, educational institutions; trade of building materials, tools, equipments; manufacturing ready mix concrete    


Syria is seeking to expand the capacity of its pipeline carrying heavy crude oil from fields in the north east of the country to the Tartous Port terminal.