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The Central Bank of Syria is reportedly considering issuing dollar-denominated treasury bonds to finance the import of energy products, a prospect that could reflect a disconnect of the financial authorities with economic and political realities.


The list below includes the names of all the Syrian entities that have been blacklisted by the European Union since the beginning of the uprising in March 2011.


The international community has pledged to give USD 5.9 billion to offset the humanitarian impact of the war on Syria and its neighbouring countries.


A Syrian investor is playing a key role in one of the largest merger and acquisition deals in the MENA region.


Western airlines are planning a resumption of flights to and through Syria, the Minister of Transport has said, although the prospects of this happening any time soon appear remote.


An Egyptian official has said that his government is planning to establish an industrial zone dedicated to Syrian investors, potentially dashing any hope of a return of these investors to their home country.


The tables below provide a list of all Syria's trading partners last year with the value of their exports to, and import from, Syria.


A weekly selection of reports, papers and articles on Syria.


The attempt by the Syrian government to lure back investors who fled the country is facing resistance from regime cronies, reflecting the obstacles that any serious reconstruction drive will face.


The government is embarking on a new deal to import much needed wheat although it only has money to procure a small portion of its requirements.


While a Syrian company announced last week the beginning of production and sale of two new cars assembled locally, the Government still struggles to attract back manufacturers.


Syria is the third largest per-capita consumer of table olives in the world, a recent report has found.


International organisations plan to spend this year USD 8.0 billion on refugees, IDPs and host communities in Syria and neighbouring countries, an amount that will help boost somewhat the Syrian and regional economies.


Syria’s one-million-ton wheat import deal from Russia, which was contracted to a little-known company, is now reportedly in jeopardy, highlighting the disruptive role regime cronies play in all sectors of the economy.


Some 180 thousand Syrian children were born in Turkey in the past five years, according to official data.


A weekly selection of reports, papers and articles on Syria.


The text of U.N. Security Council resolution 2336 (2016) adopted on December 31, 2016 supporting the efforts by Russia and Turkey to enforce a ceasefire and jump-start a political process.


The Syrian government is planning to reopen the Aleppo Airport years after it was closed.


The text of the interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Syrian daily newspaper Al-Watan on December 08, 2016.


A weekly selection of reports, papers and articles on Syria.


Syrian exports were at a record low last year, data indicate.


Syrians now comprise a significant share of the Lebanese labour market, according to a recent research, although historical and structural factors seem as significant as the presence of refugees.


Syria has finally concluded a deal to buy wheat from Russia albeit at a significantly discounted price.


A European Union court has lifted sanctions on two parent companies that were blacklisted in 2014 for the shipment of oil products to the Syrian regime.


Oil drilling and wells maintenance, other oil services


Bank Audi, Lebanon’s largest commercial bank, is changing the commercial name of it Syrian affiliate in an apparent bid to distance itself from the Syrian market.


Syria’s manufacturing sector has been seriously battered by the war as a recent event held in Damascus pointed out.


The following is a short profile of the members of the Syrian Government appointed on July 03, 2016.


The text of the statement of the International Syria Support Group following a meeting in Vienna on May 17, 2016.


The text of U.N. Security Council resolution 2268 (2016) adopted on February 26, 2016, endorsing the cessation of hostilities agreement reached by the United States and the Russian Federation, co-chairs of the International Syria Support Group.


The number of Syrian refugees in Europe increased six-fold last year to almost 900 thousand, according to the latest data from the UN, still less than 0.2 percent of the population of the continent.


Text of interview of Bashar Al-Assad by AFP on February 12, 2016. The transcript is by SANA, the Syrian state news agency.


The full text of the Statement of the International Syria Support Group following its meeting in Munich on February 11 and 12, 2016:


An increasing number of H1N1 virus cases are being reported in Syria, although the number of deaths appears so far limited.


The text of U.N. Security Council resolution 2258 (2015) adopted on December 22, 2015, renewing for twelve months the authorization granted to the United Nations and its partners to deliver aid across borders not controlled by the Syrian Government.


The following is a selection of links to reports on issues related to Syria's labour force in refugee host countries.


The text of Security Council Resolution 2253 (2015), imposing sanctions on the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (also called ISIS).


The United Nations is requesting close to USD 8 billion to meet the humanitarian needs of the Syrian war.


The English transcript of the interview of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad with Spanish news agency EFE on December 11, 2015.


Text of interview of Bashar Al-Assad by a Czech TV station on December 01, 2015. The transcript is by SANA, the Syrian state news agency.


The United Kingdom will organize early next year a donors conference to fund Syria’s humanitarian needs.


Text of interview of Bashar Al-Assad by Chinese TV station Phoenix on November 22, 2015.


The text of the statement issued after the meeting in Vienna on November 14 of the International Syria Support Group:


Here is the text of the eight-point proposal, titled “Approach to the Settlement of the Syrian Crisis”, drawn up by Moscow before international talks on Syria this week as published by Reuters.


The text of the declaration at the end of the first Vienna meeting on October 30:


The vice-President of Stroytransgaz, one of Russia's largest engineering companies, visited Damascus last week, reportedly seeking new project opportunities.


The English transcript of the interview of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad with Russian media on September 16, 2015.


Syrians were the fourth largest foreign investors in the Dubai Financial Market in the first half of this year.


The number of Syrians registered with the UN refugee agency crossed the four million threshold last week.