Following months during which its value remained relatively stable compared to the dollar, the Syrian Pound has lost again some ground.

Syria’s insurance market continued to decline last year and was worth, in dollar terms, less than a quarter of its value in 2010.

The DWX fell in the last two weeks as the market witnessed two important transactions involving banks.

Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi has announced that it has bought a minority stake in one of its competitors.

Al-Baraka Bank Syria, an Islamic lender, is set to become the 24th listed company in the Damascus Securities Exchange.

Syria’s stock market index declined last week for the first time in several weeks as investors cashed in gains from the Cham Bank stock.

Starting August 4, the number of weekly sessions at the Damascus Securities Exchange will increase to four.

Shares of Cham Bank were traded for the first time in the Damascus Securities Exchange last week.

The Syrian stock market index crossed last week the 1,300 level, for the first time in three years, although in real terms stock prices remain well below their levels of 2011.

The value of trading at the Damascus Securities Exchange declined by half last week and its main index remained unchanged.