A Syrian oil industry investor and his company have been blacklisted by the U.S. Administration in a recent update to its sanctions list.

The value of trading in the Damascus Securities Exchange remained stable this week.

The Central Bank of Syria said it will adopt new measures to stem the decline in the value of the Pound, while the Government has rejected a proposal to pay salaries in dollars.

One stock represented almost half of all the transaction value in the Syrian bourse this week.

The DWX fell again slightly this week as investors remained largely absent from the Damascus Securities Exchange.

The U.S dollar climbed further in the Syrian foreign currency market this week in spite of attempts by the Central Bank of Syria to curb its rise.

Stocks have continued their downward trend in the Damascus Securities Exchange amidst negligible trading volumes.

The premiums generated by Syrian private sector insurance companies fell 3.27 percent to SYP 3.0 billion in the first half of this year, according to the Syrian Insurance Supervisory Commission.

The Syrian pound has continued its relentless decline as the dollar crossed the 360-pound level and the Euro climbed above 400 pounds this week.

Syria’s stock market index, the DWX, fell in each of this week’s four sessions to close at 1,214.95.