The Syrian Pound has lost further ground against the dollar last week and is likely to fall below 300 per dollar, its lowest level ever.

Syrian investors continue to flee the Damascus Securities Exchange, which witnesses week after week extremely low levels of activity.

The dollar continued to rise in the Syrian currency market in the last week and closed at 280 pounds today.

Syria’s stock market index continued its slow and steady decline.

The United States has blacklisted one Syrian official and three companies based in Syria and Lebanon for their support to the Syrian regime.

Syria’s stock index fell on Thursday to its lowest level in over a year after shedding 1.07 percent over the week.

The Syrian pound has continued its gradual decline last week, a trend that was reinforced by the fall of Idlib outside regime control.

Trading at the Damascus Securities Exchange remained subdued last week and dominated by four stocks.

Syrian banks are capitalising on a recent law to put pressure on their debtors.

The Syrian Pound has continued its decline crossing the level of 260 per dollar today in the Syrian currency market.