New Library Section (Article freely accessible)

The Syria Report is launching a new section called Library that will include hundreds of reference data and documents.

The section aims at providing our subscribers with a vast number of reference numbers and documents that they will find useful for their research and decision-making processes.

While it includes for now only a small number of such pages, in the coming weeks it will expand quickly to include hundreds of pages.

Many of the documents can be sourced from other sources but this section will group them in one single place, making them easy to find and also to search.

These include, for instance, laws passed by the Syrian Government or a weekly selection of key reports published around the globe on Syria.

This section will also include a large number of data and statistics on economic and financial matters published in the form of tables.

From oil and gas output to banks financial statements, our readers will be able to find at a glance the information they are looking for.

The Library section can be accessed at the following link:


Damascus International Fairground
City View 2011 - Aleppo
Sheraton Hotel Aleppo