Lattakia Port Company (LPC) handled 5.5m tonnes of goods last year, an increase of 688,000 tonnes from 2003, and made revenues of SYP 1.653 billion, Minister of Transport Makram Obeid has announced.
Menajet, a low-cost air carrier has launched twice-weekly flights from Beirut to Aleppo.
The Syrian Ministry of Transport (MOT) has asked developers to submit offers to build road projects on a BOT (Build Operate Transfer) basis for the first time in Syria.
Syrianair has issued a tender for the purchase of seven new planes, including one optional.
Syrianair is increasing its fleet following a decision by its board to purchase seven new planes. The order is the first important decision of its newly-set independent Board of Directors.
The new airliner is expected to carry 500,000 passengers by the end of its fifth year of operations. It will use Mazzeh airport as its main hub and headquarters.
Ukraine's Antonov ANTK, the designer and manufacturer of Antonov cargo and passenger aircrafts is seeking to sell to Syria its 50-passenger AN-140 planes.
Aleppo's airport is expected to increase significantly its traffic after a number of new airliners, particularly from the Gulf countries, have announced the opening of new routes towards that city.
Etihad Airways (EA), the new Abu-Dhabi based luxury airline company is adding an additional flight to Damascus raising its weekly total to 4.
Cyprus Airways has made an official demand to rent eight planes from Syrianair.
Karl-Heinz Daehre, Transport Minister of Saxony Province, announced during a visit to Damascus that Lufthansa was soon to resume its flights to Syria.
Syrianair's 2003 income grew to SYP 8.6 billion (USD 171 million), according to Nashaat al-Numeir, its new Director-General and head of its Board of Directors.
Syrianair, the national air carrier, is opening new routes starting June 1st, 2004.
The transport sector continues to witness significant investments. Air traffic is set to increase with new airports and growing capacity.
The national air carrier has been allowed to offer its services in joint-venture with private sector companies.


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