Syria’s two largest ports, Lattakia and Tartous, handled a total of 20 million tons in 2007, stable from a year earlier, as well as 563,000 TEUs, an annual increase of 10 percent.
The container terminal of the Port of Tartous has been inaugurated by PM Naji Al-Otri, eight months after it began operations.
The two major motorways that will cross Syria through the North-South and East-West axes will cost USD 1.6 billion to build, according to Hussein Arnous, Director-General of The General Organization of Road Transport.
UAE airlines will have unlimited access to Syrian airports, except Damascus’, following an agreement between the Civil Aviation Authorities of the two countries
The Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development has extended a new loan to Syria to finance the construction of the Deir-ez-Zor-Hassakeh motorway.
Syrianair carried a total of 1.271 million passengers in 2007 according to Yarob Badr, Minister of Transport.
Germany has put restrictions on the export of heavy trucks to Syria on the ground that they could be used for military purposes.
Damascus Cargo Village (DCV) has announced a 200 percent increase in its 2007 profits to SYP 5 million.
Bahrain Air will start servicing Aleppo next month, according to a press release from the Gulf airliner.
Al-Sham Shipping Company, Syria’s largest shipping company, has announced a drop in both profits and revenues last year.
SriLankan Airlines is seeking a General Sales Agent in Syria.
Al-Ahliah Transport Company, an inter-city road transport firm, has announced total profits of SYP 10.8 million in 2007.
The Syrian Parliament has passed a law establishing Pearl Aviation, Syria’s first private airline company.
Turkish Airlines (THY) announced that it will start direct flights from Istanbul to Aleppo three days a week, starting on May 15th.
The Syrian Government has granted a license to establish the first private airline company in Syria to operate scheduled flights.