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Syria's exports to Lebanon in the first six months of the year fell to USD 112 million, from USD 159 million in the same period of last year.
The Syrian President has signed into decree a law establishing two new free trade zones in the eastern part of the country.
The Syrian government has banned the import of diesel vans, in a move designed at reducing pollution in the country.
Syria's trade with Jordan has increased by 68% in the first five months of the year according to a statement released by the Jordanian Department of Statistics.
A delegation of the French Businessmen Organisation (MEDEF) is currently on a 3-day tour to Syria.
The annual exhibition of Syrian products in Iraq, "Made in Syria" opened on Saturday, 22 June.
Syria is to unify the different currency rates it applies to its imports.
Syria and Iraq have agreed to standardize 172 descriptions for goods and commodities exchanged between them, according to a communique released at the end of the 4th session of the Syrian-Iraqi joint committee.
The meeting of the Syrian-Iraqi joint committee ended on Sunday with the signing of a number of economic and commercial accords.
Syria and Oman will sign a bilateral free trade agreement by next July, reported the Times of Oman.
The three-day visit of Sudan's vice-president to Syria ended with the signing of a series of bilateral agreements between the two countries.
The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed between Jordan and Syria in October last year will enter into force as of May 21, a senior official said on Wednesday.
Belarus exports to Syria reached USD15 million in 2001 according to its foreign ministry.
According to Turkey's minister of transport, who was attending the joint Syrian-Turkish transport committee in Damascus, trade between the two neighbouring countries reached USD 745 million in 2001, from USD 545 million in 2000.
According to economy minister, Ghassan al-Rifai, Israel and the USA are putting pressure to delay discussions on Syria's bid to enter the World Trade Organization.


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