Retail & Trade

The Syrian General Organization of Foreign Trade signed an agreement with the Holding Egyptian Company in order to import 100,000 tons of Egyptian rice at a cost of USD 43 million.
The Syrian Customs' Directorate-General is undertaking a project to modernize Syrian Customs in collaboration with the Department of State Planning and the United Nations through the UN Development Program (UNDP) and the UN Conference on Trade and Deve...
According to Adnan Suleiman, Director-General of the General Organization of Free Trade Zones, total investments in the country’s FTZ reached SYP 1.793 billion in 2004.
Syria and Iran are working on the establishment of a Free Trade Area between them.
Daimler-Chrysler (DC) is back in Syria after several years during which a dispute between its exclusive agent in Syria, Omar Sanqar & Sons (OSS) and the Syrian authorities led to a ban on the import of the German Company’s cars.
On February 2 the Syrian cabinet endorsed a bill exempting Lebanese citizens from all entry taxes usually paid when they cross the border into Syria either by air, land or sea.
The Syrian General Customs Directorate is going to computerize all its operations under a USD 50 million project supported by the European Union and UNCTAD.
The annual report of the Syrian-Lebanese council has confirmed a rise in bilateral trade between the two countries in 2003 as well as a similar trend in the first seven months of 2004.
Adnan Suleiman, head of Syria's General Free Trade Zones authority has announced that 13 new Duty Free Markets will be built throughout Syria's border posts.
Syria has decided to enter into talks with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), the largest grouping of European countries outside the European Union. EFTA groups the countries of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland in a free trade ag...
Syrian-Lebanese bilateral trade grew by 27 percent last year, according to the latest data from the Syrian-Lebanese Higher Council.
Syria and the Gulf Cooperation Council are expected to finalize and sign a Free Trade Agreement between them in the coming few months.
Syria and Turkey are moving ever closer towards the setting up of a Free Trade Area between them.
According to preliminary figures recently released by Syria's General Customs Directorate and reported in Teshreen daily, Syria's export sales witnessed a significant decline in 2003 to SYP 247.804 billion (USD 4.76 billion) from SYP 316 billion (USD 6...
In an interview with The Daily Star, a Lebanese daily, Ghassan al-Rifai, Minister of Economy and Trade, said that he expected bilateral trade with Iraq to exceed USD 1 billion in 2004.