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In last week’s edition of The Syria Report we published a story on the sale of RAMAK Duty Free Shops to a group of Syrian and Arab investors.
RAMAK Duty Free, a chain of duty free shops on Syria ’s border crossings, has announced that it has sold its shops to Arab and Syrian investors.
A joint Jordanian-Syrian Committee held on October 17 and 18 adopted several measures aimed at enhancing trade and movements between the two countries.
Syria ranked 108 out of 121 countries in the world in the Enabling Trade Index (ETI), produced by the World Economic Forum.
The Syrian President issued a decree on April 21 establishing an Export Development Fund.
A trademark dispute is preventing Carrefour, the French global retailer, from opening stores under its name in Syria.
The Syrian President has issued a decree establishing an export promotion body, the first of its kind in Syria, the Export Development and Promotion Agency.
Imports of Korean cars represented more than half of the total imports of cars into the local market, according to a report in a local newspaper.
Syrian Turkish trade has more than doubled since the establishment of a bilateral free trade agreement two years ago to reach USD 1.75 billion in 2008, according to Turkish trade statistics.
Proton, a Malaysian car manufacturer, plans to triple its sales in Syria within the coming five years.
Al-Mounchieh, a new commercial mall, will open its doors in Aleppo next May, according to George Addoumieh, general manager of Addoumieh Group.
The Public Establishment for International Fair and Exhibitions generated profits of SYP 1.2 billion in 2008, according to its general manager, Mohammad Hammoud.
Damasquino Mall, the latest commercial mall of the Syrian capital, has announced its soft opening on December 30, 2008.
Virgin Megastores and Carrefour will enter the Syrian market early 2009 with the soft opening of Shahba Mall in Aleppo.
Annual car registration fees have been increased, following a decree issued by President Bashar Al Assad late September.


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