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Syria and Turkey are to sign an agreement to work together to boost tourism in the region.
The Jordanian government is expected to endorse early next month the Jordan-Syria free trade agreement (FTA) which will immediately lift tariffs on two-way trade.
Jordanian and Syrian officials on Wednesday launched talks aimed at upgrading the land and maritime transport fleets of their countries' joint firms, said Sana, the state news agency.
Iraq and Syria agreed on Friday to invest in joint industrial ventures in a further improvement of ties after years of tension, the official Iraqi News Agency (INA) said.
Exports from Syria's free trade areas reached USD 98 million in 2001, according to its Director General, Adnan Suleiman.
Syria's trade exchanges with Italy grew by 60% last year to reach EUR1.46 billion.
A ten-day Iraqi products exhibition was opened in Damascus on Saturday.
On Saturday January 26, Aleppo will be hosting a one-day seminar on export marketing and customer service.
Syria and Saudi Arabia exchanged on Wednesday the documents ratifying the set up of a free trade area between them.
Syria and Lebanon plan to unify customs tariffs in three to five years, on all goods imported from abroad, thus establishing a free trade zone, said the secretary general of the Syrian-Lebanese higher council, Nasri Khuri, in an interview to Teshreen.
According to Shibli Abu Fakhr, Syria's deputy minister of economy, the signing of the Lebanon-EU association agreement will have positive repercussions on Syria.
The Syrian Ministry of Higher Education will co-operate with the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in establishing joint scientific and industrial research centres in the two countries.
The tax exemption agreement between Syria and the United Arab Emirates takes effect from this day after the two countries exchanged the ratified documents.
"Syria does not allow any public organism, whatever its motives, to subsidise its exports of cotton yarns" said Shibli Abu Fakher, assistant minister of economy, in an answer to European claims that Syria is flooding the European market with ...
A new Syrian trade centre was opened in Baghdad on Monday, in the presence of Mohammad Mehdi Saleh, Iraq's trade minister.


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