The Ministry of Tourism is reporting that only three investors have put forward bids to develop three different sites it is offering for investment in Damascus and Tartous.
The government is doubling the exit fee for Syrians departing their country.
According to the Syrian ministry of tourism, close to 400 hotels across the country are out of service.
After a long legal battle, the management rights of the Semiramis Hotel will return back to its owner, a state entity.
Occupancy rates at Damascus hotels in 2012 were only a fifth of what they were two years earlier, according to a recently released report.
The coastal area is the only remaining part of Syria where some new investment projects are announced, including recently the development of two new tourism properties.
Cham Hotels, Syria’s largest hotel chain, witnessed a second consecutive dismal year in 2012 as Syria’s tourism industry remains distressed.
Hundreds of tourist facilities closed in the last two years in and around Damascus, according to a union official.
Syria’s income from the hospitality industry fell a dramatic 95 percent in two years, according to an official from the Ministry of Tourism.
The Ministry of Tourism has signed a contract with local investors for the management of a hotel property in Tartous.
The number of tourists that visited Syria in the first quarter of 2012 fell 76.4 percent compared to the same period of last year according to a recent government report as the impact of the rising violence is likely to complicate the recovery of the sector in the post-uprising period.
The Kharafi Group has obtained from the Syrian government a 50 percent discount on the annual fee it pays for the management of the Bloudan Grand Hotel, which has been closed for over half a year.
Damascus and Aleppo are the two cities of the Middle East that have witnessed the sharpest decline in occupancy rates in their hotels last year, according to a recent survey.
Tourist arrivals dropped 79 percent in the first four months of this year compared to the same period of last year, according to statistics from the Ministry of Tourism.
Accor Hotels has announced that it was putting on holds three projects in Syria because of the political situation in the country, following in the footsteps of other operators.


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