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Syriatel has increased its market share in the mobile phone network to 60 percent in the first half of this year, according to the company.
The combined number of subscribers to the land line and mobile phone networks in Syria has exceeded the 11 million mark.
The Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA) and the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment have confirmed their intention to build a new high-speed submarine cable between Syria and Cyprus, the CYTA official website reported.
Syria’s two mobile phone operators are attracting renewed interest from foreign investors according to various press reports.
Syriatel has announced the resignation of Nader Qalei, its long time CEO, from the Board of Directors.
Syriatel posted an increase of 16.8 percent in its 2008 revenues, according to the company’s audited financial statements.
The Syrian President has issued a new law recognizing electronic signatures in business and other dealings.
Syria ranked 12th in the Arab World and 89th worldwide in the 2009 ICT Development Index, which measures the level of advancement of information and communication technologies in more than 150 countries worldwide.
The Syrian Telecommunications Establishment will slash the monthly subscription rates to its post-paid broadband ADSL service starting March 1, 2009.
MTN-Syria has announced a continued growth in its turnover and in the number of its subscribers in 2008.
Revenues of the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment (STE) should rise to SYP 66 billion next year from SYP 58 billion in 2008, according to its director-general, Nazem Bahsas.
Cyprus Telecommunications Authority and the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment have signed an agreement increasing internet capacity through the submarine cable link between Tartous and Pentaskhinos in Cyprus.
There will be no new mobile phone operators before a new law regulating the telecommunications sector is passed, according to Imad Sabouni, Minister of Telecoms.
Income of the two Syrian mobile phone operators rose to SYP 33.41 billion during the first half of this year, according to the unaudited mid-year statements of the companies.
Nader Qalei, who has held the position of general manager of Syriatel since the establishment of the company, has quit his post.


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