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The government has increased the price of mobile phones communication in the hope of generating revenues of several billion pounds for the Government.
Profits measured in Syrian pound terms were unchanged last year at MTN-Syria, although in dollar terms they were sharply down, preliminary financial data from the company show.
The Syrian Telecommunications Establishment, the state monopoly operating the landline network, lost dozens of billions of pounds since the beginning of the conflict.
The Syrian government announced last week that it had agreed to award long-term licenses for the two companies operating the country's mobile phone network.
The number of subscribers to broadband Internet in Syria has more than doubled in the last two years, according to official data.
MTN-Syria is close to concluding a deal with the Syrian government to gain a 20-year mobile phone licence.
The Syrian Government has awarded PCCW, a Chinese company, a contract to improve telecoms services in the country.
Syria’s opposition Government, also named the Interim Government, has denied being involved in a scheme providing 4G Internet services in northern opposition areas.
The police in the opposition-held parts of Aleppo is starting to benefit from a small 4G Internet network installed thanks to a grant from the United States, according to a local website.
A local media says that hundreds of lawsuits are being brought against activists based on posts published on Facebook, a claim that may be true but may also be a means of frightening Facebook users and of pressuring them into self-censorship.
Syria faced a major internet blackout on March 20.
A law regulating electronic trade and transactions in Syria was enacted last week.
The Syrian Telecommunications Establishment has provided an update on the number of subscribers to the various phone and internet networks in Syria.
MTN Syria posted minor changes in its revenues and profits last year, according to its preliminary filings, although in real terms the decline is steep.
The Syrian Electronic Army hacked two Microsoft-related Twitter accounts in less than two weeks.


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