Syria’s production of electricity last year declined 55 percent compared to its record level of 2011.
Syria has issued the second tender within a week for the construction of a wind power park as funding constraints give a comparative advantage to Iranian companies.
The state electricity utility has issued a tender for the construction of a wind power park
A German company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Syrian Government to build a power plant in the country.
Syria’s production of electricity is less than 25 percent of its level prior to the beginning of the uprising, according to the Minister of Electricity.
ISIS, the radical takfiri group, issued in the last week three tenders for the supply of electrical works across the areas under its control in eastern Syria.
A Russian company is bidding for the construction of a new 600 MW power plant in Syria, according to the local media.
A new attack on a power plant in Syria has raised outages in various parts of the country.
Two turbines at a large power plant north of Damascus stopped functioning last week following a mortar attack leading to a severe increase in power outages in the Syrian capital.
The Ministry of Electricity has raised its estimate of the damage to the country’s electricity infrastructure.
Syria’s gas transport network continues to face attacks by armed groups, leading to continuous shortages of supplies and increasing power outages.
Syria’s power utility has issued a tender for the supply of ten mobile gas-powered generation units.
The suspension of gas supplies from the Arab Gas Pipeline has led to an increase in power outages in Damascus and surrounding areas.
Syria is extending yet again the deadlines for tenders to build power plants.
The state power distribution utility has signed dozens of contracts with Iranian, Chinese, and Korean companies for the supply of electrical equipment in the last two years, according to a state daily.


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