Oil, Gas & Mining

In an interview to Al Hayat, Khaled al Mahayni, the Syrian minister of finance said that revenues from oil will make up 50.2% of the state expected revenues for next year.
According to industry sources, Syria's hefty oil export plan for December shows that around 150,000 barrels per day of unauthorised Iraqi crude is still displacing domestic production in refineries, reported Zawya.
Iraqi oil minister Amir Mohammed Rasheed told Al Rafidain newspaper that Iraq and Syria could announce the companies chosen to build a 1.4m bpd pipeline by the end of the year, reported Al Quds.
President of the Royal Dutch /Shell Oil Group, Yuron Van Der Vir recently met with top-level officials in Damascus to discuss the possibility of future oil excavation projects in Syria reported Al Bawaba.
The Ministry of petroleum and mineral resources has offered several new investment projects in the extraction and production of its mineral resources, reported Al-Quds.
Several large oil traders have expressed their doubts on the capacity of Syria to keep its current oil exports level, said the Lebanese daily Al Mustaqbal.
Cyprus' Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Nicos Rolandis will pay a one-day visit to Cairo on Friday for talks on the supply of natural gas from Syria and Egypt, said the Cyprus News Agency.