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Egypt and Jordan have inaugurated the completion of the gas pipeline linking their two countries and that will eventually supply Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey with Egyptian gas.
Gas production is taking an increasing role in Syria's energy policy. More gas reserves are found while the development of the Syrian part of the Arab Gas Pipeline has been Okayed.
A joint private-public sector mineral oils refinery has been inaugurated and will produce over 200,000 barrels of mineral oils a year.
The pullout of the US company from its lone project in Syria, following pressures from its shareholders, remains however a strong option.
Long-term commitment of TOTAL in Syria is in doubt after it fails to clinch the last significant development contract in the Syrian oil & gas industry.
Energy Exploration Technologies Inc. (NXT), has announced that it had completed its trial survey of oil and gas fields operated by SPC.
Tanganyika Oil Company, the operator of the Oude field northeast of Syria, is raising USD 18 million to fund the development of the field.
The Heads of Government of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt signed in Amman on 25 January an agreement to build the second phase of the Arab Gas pipeline that will ultimately link their four countries.
Syria's General Company for Phosphate & Mines (GCPM) produced a total of 2.4 million tonnes in 2003 and exported 1.8 tonnes, according to Farhan al-Mohsen the Director-General of GCPM.
The Ministry of Petroleum has announced a new round of bidding for the development of oil and gas fields. Meanwhile, two contracts with foreign oil companies were finalised this month.
A map of the blocks offered for investment by the Ministry of Oil.
Tatneft, the Russian oil company that won the contract to explore and develop the two-thousand sq. km Block 27, on the border with Iraq, will be investing USD 27 million in the exploration works, according to Shafagat Takhautdinov Director-General of T...
The pace of awards of new contracts remains unabated. Petro-Canada and Veritas this past month, ONGC Videsh, Tatneft, INA Naftaplin in the coming few weeks.
Beicip Franlab has been selected to carry out the feasibility study for the third crude oil refinery to be based in the eastern part of the country, near the city of Deir-ez-Zor.
The oil refinery of Banias, the country's second largest, is undergoing major maintenance works.



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