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After the withdrawal of Veritas DGC Inc from Syria last November (Read Veritas DGC out of Syria), the Syrian Ministry of Petroleum has re-awarded the contract to conduct seismic surveys of Syria’s waters to Norway’s Inseis Terra.
India’s State-owned gas infrastructure major GAIL (India) Limited has announced that it had been selected by the Ministry of Petroleum to operate a retail gas distribution network in Damascus.
Petro-Canada, Oxy lose major gas deal. State-owned company will run it instead while a new international tender will be issued for the gas treatment plants.
Veritas DGC Inc., a US geophysical company that last year won a contract to conduct seismic surveys over Syria’s offshore waters has withdrawn from Syria, in order to avoid any potential conflict with the terms of the Syria Accountability Act, Th...
The Ministry of Petroleum has awarded Tunisia’s Hedi Bouchamaoui Sons (HBS) International Ltd a USD 14 million Exploration and Production contract on Block 22 in the Raqqa Governorate, in the northeast of the country.  
Tanganyika Oil Company (TOC) has signed a USD 22 million contract to develop the two fields of Teshreen and Sheikh Mansour.
Tanganyika Oil Company (TOC) has announced that it has been selected by the Syrian Ministry of Oil to begin negotiations on the redevelopment contract of the Teshreen and Sheikh Mansour fields.
Syria's production of crude oil has dropped to below 500,000 barrels of oil a day (b/d) for the first time in over a decade, according to both independent estimates and the Ministry of Oil.
Fields redevelopment works are yielding positive results. Long-term prospects for the Syrian oil industry, however, are a source of debate.
The supply of Syrian gas to Lebanon, due to begin in June has been delayed.
Veritas of the US has won the contract to conduct seismic surveys in Syria's offshore waters.
Egypt and Jordan have inaugurated the completion of the gas pipeline linking their two countries and that will eventually supply Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey with Egyptian gas.
Gas production is taking an increasing role in Syria's energy policy. More gas reserves are found while the development of the Syrian part of the Arab Gas Pipeline has been Okayed.
A joint private-public sector mineral oils refinery has been inaugurated and will produce over 200,000 barrels of mineral oils a year.
The pullout of the US company from its lone project in Syria, following pressures from its shareholders, remains however a strong option.


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