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After having found hydrocarbons in a previous exploration site, Afek Oil, an Israel oil company, is pursuing its drilling operations in Syria’s Golan Heights, under occupation by the Zionist state since 1967.
Syria’s minister of oil has estimated that the Islamic State is still producing significant levels of crude oil from fields in eastern Syria.
A website affiliated to the opposition has said that a delegation from the Islamic State is negotiating with the Syrian Government over a gas treatment plant in Deir-ez-Zor.
Crude oil extracted from fields controlled by the YPG, the Kurdish armed group, stands at 15,000 barrels per day, according to a report by AFP.
The Syrian Government has increased for the second time in two months the price of gasoline and kerosene.
Syria’s production of oil, gas and phosphate remained mostly stable in the second quarter of this year, according to official data, in spite of the loss of various fields and mines to ISIS last Spring.
The U.S administration believes that ISIS is generating some USD 500 million per year from oil revenues alone, an estimate that seems to be on the high side.
Syria is planning to purchase 200 thousand tons of liquefied petroleum gas from Russia, using a shipping route through Crimea to conceal the supplier’s identity.
Syria continues to import crude oil from Iran at a regular pace, data from the International Energy Agency show.
The fighting between government forces and ISIS in the area of Palmyra is continuing to disrupt oil and gas production and distribution.
Syria increased again yesterday the price of gasoline, fuel oil and kerosene for the second time in forty five days.
The Syrian government lost last week to ISIS the control of its phosphate mines, a rare source of currency earnings.
Syria has issued a tender inviting international companies to use spare capacity at its two refineries in Homs and Banias.
Production in Syria’s most important gas fields is unaffected by the recent onslaught of ISIS on Palmyra, the Syrian Minister of Oil said.
The Syrian government lost today control of two important gas fields near Palmyra, according to a monitoring group.


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