Syria has issued a new law aimed at granting more freedoms to the media and at better protecting journalists at a time the media blackout remains almost total on all the protests that have been taking place since last March.
Nour Al-Sham, a new government-sponsored Islamic television channel, started broadcasting on the evening of Friday July 30th on both Arabsat and Nilesat satellites.
In an additional sign of the growing crisis impacting Syria’s economy, Al-Iqtissadiya, a business weekly, and the first private sector publication to be licensed after the arrival to power of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, announced that it would stop publishing during the whole month of Ramadan.
Revenues from billboard advertising represented half of the net revenues of United Group, Syria’s largest media group, according to the company’s audited financial results.
A new law issued by the Syrian President has removed a compulsory fee levied on the local media and hence reduced financial constraints on them.
United Group has launched an English language daily, Baladna English.
United Group, Syria's largest media firm, posted a 27 percent increase in its 2008 turnover.
United Group, Syria’s largest private media firm, announced an increase in sales and profits in 2007.
Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) has announced that it would offer a grant of USD 8 million for the establishment of a state-of-the-art news centre in Damascus.
United Group, Syria’s largest private media group, announced a sharp drop in its sales last year due to the exclusion from its accounts of Al Waseela's operations.
Al-Thawra is the most popular among the three state-owned dailies in Syria, according to a poll conducted by Tishreen.
Syria’s advertising market grew by half in the last five years according to data gathered from the Arab Advertising Organisation.
Two private political dailies are reaching the stands in Syria for the first time in decades.
Syrian soap operas have continued to occupy a large share of Arab screens during the month of Ramadan
Syria's first free zone for media was officially launched on March 12, with the Information Ministry and head of the Syrian Free Zones revealing they had received 17 applications from private Syrian media companies to set up in the area of land on the ...


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