The General Establishment of Chemical Industries is the latest state body to post a significant drop in its 2012 revenues.
The Syrian government is accusing Turkey of being complicit in the looting and transfer of equipment to its territory of some 1,000 factories in Aleppo.
Syria’s production and sales of fertilizers fell by more than half last year, a decline that potentially indicates a sharp decline in agricultural production.
A fire that broke out in the premises of a paper factory managed by Vimpex is estimated to have caused damages worth SYP 5 billion – around USD 62 million.
Activity at Al-Ahliah Vegetable Oil continued to show remarkable resilience with revenues in the first nine months of this year increasing on an annual basis.
The prices of Syrian made cigarettes have increased by 50 to 100 percent as foreign brands become increasingly expensive.
Hundreds of manufacturing plants located in the industrial cities of Aleppo and Deir-ez-Zor have stopped functioning because of the rising insecurity leading to potentially severe shortages of products in the local market including medicines.
Syria’s state cement plants sold a total of 2.4 million tons in the first half of this year.
The Syrian Company for Grapes Processing, a state-owned entity that produces alcoholic drinks, has reported profits of SYP 50 million last year.
Syrian manufacturers, along with other business sectors, are increasingly suffering from the deterioration in the political, economic and security environments.
The General Establishment of Chemical Industries, which groups public sector companies active in the chemicals sector, said its first quarter sales dropped by 29 percent compared to the same period of last year.
The state-owned General Organisation for Textile Industy has contracted with an Iranian company to export some USD 30 million worth of yarns, a deal that would represent three times Syria’s 2010 exports to Iran.
MAS Distribution, a food commodity trading company, said its sales remained unchanged last year at SYP 420.6 million, confirming that the food & beverages industry was among the sectors least impacted by the turmoil gripping Syria.
The Ministry of Industry has issued its annual report on the number of manufacturing projects that were licensed or began production in 2011.
Al-Ahliah Vegetable Oil has reported a 12.75 percent increase in its 2011 revenues to SYP 1.5 billion.