The Syrian government has granted dozens of licenses to open new pharmaceutical plants, according to the minister of health.
The Ministry of Health has allowed pharmaceutical companies to raise the price of their products by as much as 50 percent as production costs have surged.
The Syrian government is raising the price of medicines and facilitating import procedures in order to ease the shortages of pharmaceutical products.
Thameco, a government-owned pharmaceutical company, generated SYP 1.2 billion in revenues last year.
Syria’s health sector lost some SYP 7 billion from the uprising and ensuing violence gripping the country since March 2011, according to the Minister of Health.
UNICEF has said that it was scaling up its support for Syrian refugees and displaced persons although a lack of funds is hampering its rescue efforts.
Thameco, the state-owned pharmaceutical company, posted sales of SYP 752 million in the first half of this year.
The number of forensic doctors working in Syria is not sufficient to cover the needs as the number of deaths from the uprising gripping the country rises, according to a specialized doctor.
The number of drug addicts in Syria reached last year 4,611, according to Mohammad Al-Shaar, the Syrian Minister of Interior.
Updated on June 04, 2012: The Syrian Ministry of Health is looking for new sources of supplies for its medicines, including Iran and Cuba, in a bid to reduce its costs, save foreign currencies and circumvent sanctions.
Syria registered 23,000 new cases of cancer last year, an annual increase of 15 percent, according to the Ministry of Health.
The value of Syria’s production of medicines stood at USD 620 million in 2011, according to the Minister of Health.
The size of Syria’s health industry stood at SYP 138 billion in 2011, according to the Minister of Health, Wael Al-Halqi.
The Ministry of Health is working on a decision to reduce the regulatory limit on the distance separating two pharmacies to accommodate the establishment of more of them in the country.
Wael Al-Halqi, the newly-appointed Minister of Health, has announced that it was delegating some of his powers to health officials at the Governorate level in a bid to reduce bureaucracy.


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