A pharmaceutical plant producing medicines for the treatment of cancer and owned by a prominent investor is set to start operating near Damascus in the next few weeks.
The Syrian government has imposed a sharp increase in the price of medicines, adding a significant burden on the population.
Following our report last week on the spread of H1N1 in Syria, more information is available.
An increasing number of H1N1 virus cases are being reported in Syria, although the number of deaths appears so far limited.
The Syria Recovery Trust Fund has approved a new project to supply medical equipment to hospitals located in northern, opposition-controlled Syria.
Two hospitals in the opposition-held parts of Syria are getting new financial support.
The Ministry of Health has increased by up to 50 percent the price of medicines produced in the country.
The Syrian government licensed several new pharmaceutical plants last year, a government official said.
A third of Syria’s pharmaceutical plants have stopped production, while the output of the remaining ones is only at a third of the pre-uprising level, according to an industry executive.
Britain’s GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world’s largest drug manufacturers, and its local distributor, Unipharma, face allegations of corruption in their Syrian operations.
Syria’s Prime Minister Wael Halqi, has inaugurated the launch of the country’s latest healthcare management company.
The Minister of Health has said that following a recent agreement, Syria was buying from Iran a significant share of the generic medicines it imported.
In safe areas across the country, several new pharmaceutical plants are being established, including one by the brother of the Syrian first lady.
The first cases of polio in fourteen years in Syria have been detected, the World Health Organization said last week.
Two new pharmaceutical plants are being established in the province of Tartous as Syrian manufacturers are favouring relative safe areas of the country.


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