Bank Audi Syria has announced that its branch in the city of Deir-ez-Zor had been robbed.
Syria’s stock market index climbed by almost one percent last week helped by an increase in the price of Cham Bank, the most traded stock in the exchange.
The Syrian government is requiring owners of gold bars to register them with the Central Bank of Syria.
Helped by two relatively large transactions, the value of trading in the DSE increased to SYP 53.4 million last week.
After a turbulent week, the Syrian Pound has managed to recover most of its losses against the US dollar.
Syria is issuing a new stamp duty, called the Martyrs Stamp Duty, whose proceeds will go to the families of the fallen soldiers and other militia members fighting for the Syrian regime.
For weeks, the same four banks have been dominating trading in the Damascus Securities Exchange, even though the total value of activity in the Syrian bourse remains very small.
The index of the Damascus Securities Exchange gained last week as the value of trading remained mostly unchanged compared to the previous week.
Last week, the index of the Damascus Securities Exchange recorded a weekly gain for the first time in some two months.
Arab Bank Syria has announced that its branch located in the city of Daraa had been attacked, one of many similar incidents in the last three years, which overwhelmingly occurred in regime-controlled parts of the country.
United Insurance Company has announced the appointment of a new chief executive officer.
The index of the Damascus securities exchange declined again last week following recent losses.
Except a large transaction involving shares of the National Insurance Company, trading in the Syrian bourse last week was dull.
The announcement last week by the Central Bank of Syria that it planned to pump more than USD 150 million this week to prop up the pound has done little to reassure markets or to strengthen the value of the national currency.
The dollar has crossed the 200 pound level in the Syrian foreign currency market for the first time in months.


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