After declining in two consecutive sessions, the DWX fell 0.75 percent last week to close at 1,211.65.
Syria’s stock market index gained 0.23 percent last week to close at 1,220.85.
The assets and profits of private sector banks in Syria increased last year in Syrian Pound terms, according to preliminary filings.
Stock prices resumed their decline last week in the Damascus securities exchange.
The DWX, the Syrian stock exchange’s main index, posted a weekly gain for the first time since the beginning of the year, although the value of trading in the market was too low for this change to be meaningful.
Syria Gulf Bank has announced that one of its branches has been robbed.
The Syrian President has issued a decree authorizing businesses owing money to state banks to reschedule their loans.
For the fifth week in a row since the beginning of the year, the Syrian stock exchange declined last week although the level of activity remained low.
Arab Bank Syria has announced the resignation of a member of its board.
In a similar manner to last year, two stocks continue to dominate overwhelmingly the trading activity in the Damascus Securities Exchange.
A minimal volume of shares was traded in the Damascus Securities Exchange last week with the market index unchanged.
Syria’s main stock index lost 0.30 percent last week to fall to a two-month low.
For the first time in more than two months, the Syrian Pound lost in the last few days some ground against the US dollar.
Bemo Saudi Fransi Finance remained the largest broker in the Damascus Securities Exchange last year, according to data published by the Syrian bourse.

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