The Syrian Government is opening six new university faculties in various “safe areas” of the country.
A Russian university will establish a branch in Syria, the first foreign university to do so.
A Presidential decree has established a new public sector university in the central province of Hama.
Billions of Syrian pounds have been lost because of the destruction of the physical infrastructure of higher education institutions, the Ministry has estimated.
The Minister of Higher Education has changed the name of one of the country’s private universities following a change in ownership.
The Syrian government will introduce Russian as a second language in its schools starting the next school year, the minister of education said.
Some three million Syrian pupils have been forced to leave school in the last three years, according to a report by UNICEF.
Syria’s higher education institutions have suffered losses of around 5 billion pounds since the beginning of the uprising, according to the Minister of Higher Education.
Two new university faculties will be established in the coastal town of Tartous, raising further the number of government projects established in Syria’s coastal areas in recent months.
The Syrian Virtual University, an institution affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education, has signed an agreement to enable its students take their exams in other cities in the Middle East region.
Syria’s school year began this week with some 4.5 million pupils registering.
The ministry of education has confirmed that the 2013-14 school year will begin on September 15.
A fifth of Syria’s schools have been damaged, jeopardizing the schooling of 2.5 million children, a recent report said.
The Syrian President has issued a decree establishing a faculty of medicine in the coastal city of Tartous.
The Syrian Government is establishing a new university faculty in the city of Suweida, one of fifteen new faculties established in the last two years.


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