The opposition-managed trust fund has announced a new potable water project in northern Aleppo.
The Syrian Government has threatened to withdraw a project from an Iranian engineering company unless it resumes immediately work on the project.
The Syrian Government approved last week a contingency plan to secure water supplies to the population living in areas under its control.
The Aga Khan Development Network is funding a water project in the town of Salamiya east of Hama.
Syria has awarded a EUR 193 million engineering contract to a Russian company for the building of a water pumping station in the Tigris River.
The level of Lake Assad is falling seriously according to a Government official, endangering water supplies to large urban centres as well as for irrigation purposes.
Syria is planning to award a new multimillion engineering contract to a Russian company after it granted an offshore license to another last December.
Oxfam, an international aid agency, has announced that it had installed new power generators in the Damascus area that will improve access to clean water.
The Syrian state-owned water utility has announced the completion of the first phase of a project to provide drinkable water to the city of Hassakeh.
Iraq is preparing an emergency plan in case the Euphrates Dam collapses, according to a government official.
UNICEF has announced that it had started supplying chlorine to Syria to ensure that safe water supplies would meet the need of some 10 million people.
The Tabqa Dam, the country’s largest hydro-electric dam, fell in the hands of the Syrian opposition earlier today, a development that is highly symbolic but that has limited economic importance.
Syria’s winter season has been rainy and cold with rainfalls already above annual averages in many parts of the country.
Syria laid the foundation stone on a new segment of a large project to draw water to the city of Aleppo and some 475 surrounding towns and villages.
The Ministry of Housing and Construction inaugurated a water treatment station in the area of Saydnaya, one of dozens currently under construction in the country.


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