Syria's customs department is gathering information and studying various projects in several countries in preparation for the introduction of an electronic Customs system in the country.
The Investment Higher Council (IHC) gave its go ahead to over 131 new project applications that should give rise to SYP4.6 billion (USD92 million) worth of investment.
A seminar on demographic changes was held Saturday 23 in Damascus by the UN and the French institute for demographic studies (INED).
Syria's economy grew by 5.9 percent in 2001, from SYP897 billion (USD17.94 billion) in 2000 to SYP950 billion (USD19 billion) last year.
The government's decision to replace all state employees that are above retirement age is sparking a wide debate in Syria.
An official notification issued by the Syrian President puts an end to the services of all state employees that are over sixty years old.
84 new investment application got the go ahead in the latest meeting of the investment higher council, chaired by Mustapha Miro, PM.
The Syrian President released a decree on Wednesday, providing his government ministers with increased authority.
Syria spends over 34.5 percent of its budget expenditures to cover its defence needs.
New amendments to Investment law N°10 are being studied, said Mohammad Suraqbi, head of the Investment Bureau.
According to Hamdi al Tabaa, head of the Arab Businessmen Council, current Syrian investment regulations cannot lure investors.
Syria's new minister of economy, Ghassan al Rifa'i, said that the private sector will have a leading role in the growth of the Syrian economy.
According to Shibli Abu Fakhr, Syria's deputy minister of economy, the signing of the Lebanon-EU association agreement will have positive repercussions on Syria.
The Syrian government is planning to raise the salaries of state employees between 15 and 25 percent.
The tax exemption agreement between Syria and the United Arab Emirates takes effect from this day after the two countries exchanged the ratified documents.


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