The number of Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries has crossed the 1.6 million mark, according to the latest estimate by the United Nations refugee agency.
The Syrian President has appointed a new governor for the province of Lattakia.
Syria’s trade balance with Iraq was largely positive last year, a government official said.
The Syrian government is planning to raise tax rates across the board in a bid to slow the decline in its revenues.
The total volume of concessionary loans provided by Iran to Syria amounts to USD 7 billion, according to the governor of the Central Bank of Syria, the first such admission by a senior government official.
The US Treasury froze last week the assets of Syrianair, among several other entities and individuals it has blacklisted.
Syria’s services sectors accumulated losses of SYP 1.35 trillion as a result of the uprising and the violence gripping the country, according to Omar Ghalawanji, Deputy PM in charge of the services sector.
Bilateral trade between Iran and Syria declined by a third last year, according to an Iranian trade official.
The Syrian Prime Minister has inaugurated several new state-funded projects in the coastal town of Tartous.
The number of Syrians trying to enter illegally the EU last year grew almost five fold, according to an EU agency.
Only one Syrian investor, Ayman Asfari, made the latest Arab rich list.
The number of Syrian registered, or in the process of registration, as refugees with the United Nations has crossed the 1.3 million mark.
The Syrian Investment Agency has announced that it had licensed a mere eight projects in the first quarter of this year, less than 10 percent of the level two years ago.
Data published by the Syrian export promotion body put Syria’s total exports last year at below USD 200 million.
This document is an English language transcript of the interview given by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to two Turkish media and published on April 7.


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