Syria’s inflation rate showed a rare month-to-month decline last November, according to official statistics.
The Syrian Investment Agency has announced that it licensed a number of new investments in the first quarter of this year.
The number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon crossed the million mark last week, according to the United Nations.
The US Administration ordered last week the closure of the Syrian Embassy in Washington.
The Interim Government of the Syrian opposition has announced that it will add to its payroll all the civil servants sacked by the Syrian government because of their support for the opposition.
The Syrian government has denied reports it plans to seize the assets of expatriate businessmen.
According to the government, Syria’s inflation rate reached 117 percent in October 2013, the last month for which data is available.
The government has provided a new estimate for the losses incurred by state institutions and infrastructure at the end of 2013.
A European court has rejected the appeal by Bushra Al-Assad, the sister of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, against the sanctions imposed on her by the European Union.
The government is preparing to seize the assets of several prominent businessmen, including Syrian-British investor Ayman Asfari, according to pro-regime media outlets.
Two sets of preliminary data have confirmed that, excluding oil products, Syria’s foreign trade has become largely dominated by food commodities and phosphate.
The Syrian government has extended price controls on a large list of new consumer items in a bid to put a lid on inflation.
The number of Syrian refugees or in the process of registration with the UN aid agency crossed the 2.5 million mark last week.
Syria’s imports from Lebanon increased to $524 million in 2013 as the country increasingly relied on its smaller neighbor to transit its oil procurements.
The number of kidnapping cases registered in recent months by the government in the province of Aleppo has crossed the 1,500 according to a report in a pro-regime media outlet.


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