Our two thousand-word factsheet on the economic aid agreements signed between Iran and Syria since the beginning of 2013.
Weeks after the city fell in the hands of rebel groups, Idlib is reportedly witnessing the systematic looting of public and private properties.
The Syrian authorities are continuing to issue legislation targeted at both raising fiscal revenues and encouraging some business sectors.
A lack of funds is forcing the World Food Programme to reduce its assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.
Syria’s foreign minister said today that Russia has promised new aid to his country, although the last request for aid made by Damascus last fall was rejected by Moscow.
Humanitarian aid spent on Syrian refugees in Lebanon has had a positive impact on GDP growth in that country, a recent report commissioned by the UN has shown.
Almost 30 thousand Syrians applied for asylum in the European Union in the first quarter of this year, according to official statistics.
A Swiss court has decided to maintain a freeze on the assets of Rami Makhlouf one of Syria’s wealthiest and most powerful businesspersons.
A report published by a former member of the Nusra Front claims that the Army of Islam was the main beneficiary of the donations made to armed opposition groups since the beginning of the war in Syria around three years ago.
UPDATED: Syrians have applied for some one million passports since the beginning of the year, according to official estimates.
Syria’s gross domestic product is forecast to continue to decline this year and next albeit at lower rates than in past years.
A businessman close to the Syrian regime is calling on the Government to declare the province of Tartous a free trade zone.
Prices increased again in February in Syria with the annual inflation rate at 27 percent.
Syria’s inflation rate reached 17 percent in 2014 and accelerated in the first month of this year, according to official data.
Syria and Iran signed last week several economic agreements, although a widely expected new credit line from Tehran was not included.


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