Consumer prices continued to rise steeply in the middle of last year, new data indicate.
The Syrian Minister of Economy has said that western companies will not benefit from reconstruction contracts unless their governments apologised to the Syrian people.
China is providing a grant to the Syrian government, the first such known deal since the beginning of the uprising.
Syria’s trade with Lebanon felt last year to its lowest level in fifteen years although much of the bilateral trade remains informal.
The release of the preliminary financial statements of Syria’s listed companies provides an initial picture on the performance of Syrian businesses last year.
Syria’s Prime Minister has said that no country other than Iran has provided any help to his country.
International organisations plan to spend this year USD 8.0 billion on refugees, IDPs and host communities in Syria and neighbouring countries, an amount that will help boost somewhat the Syrian and regional economies.
Syria’s inflation rate in June 2016, the last month for which data is available, rose to its highest rate in some three years.
Iran has granted a new credit facility to Syria, although its amount is well below the expectations of the Syrian authorities.
Some 180 thousand Syrian children were born in Turkey in the past five years, according to official data.
The signing today of several economic agreements in Tehran has confirmed the heavy price Syria is paying for the support of Iran to the Syrian regime, including the transfer of phosphate mines and a maritime port to Iranian companies in addition to the control by the Revolutionary Guards of a Syrian mobile phone license.
A decree by the Syrian President is confirming as civil servants dozens of thousands of employees working under temporary contracts.
The U.S. Administration has sanctioned 18 new Syrian individuals, including a prominent security official, and six institutions all of which are linked to the country’s military.
An important Iraqi business delegation was in Damascus this week to bolster bilateral ties which are hindered by the lack of a land border crossing and obstacles to banking transactions.
Next year, Syria could witness the first annual increase in its gross domestic product since the beginning of the uprising six years ago, although no serious reconstruction effort will start.


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