A government official has said that men represented today only a fifth of the Syrian labour force.
Samer Foz is continuing to expand the scope of his activities as he sets-up a private airline and becomes the agent of a global commercial vehicles manufacturer.
The fall of Eastern Ghouta to the Syrian regime, which is likely to be concluded in the next days or weeks, will have several economic consequences.
Syria’s regional planning commission has produced a long-term development plan that divides the country into seven regions that do not correspond to the boundaries of the current governorates.
The Turkish Government has decided to open a new border crossing near Afrin and to empower the governor of the Hatay province with the administration of this Syrian region.
Damascus Cham Holding has been granted the right to manage all parking spaces within the city of Damascus.
The Raqqa Civil Council has announced a set of new projects to improve living conditions and economic activity in the northeast.
Damascus has been ranked the cheapest city to live in the world out of 133 large cities listed in a recent survey.
The European Union has blacklisted four more Syrian officials for their involvement in the regime’s chemicals programme.
An influential businessman has pushed for the establishment of a new governorate, which would be the fifteenth in Syria.
One of Syria’s leading football players and a former supporter of the opposition has now opened two companies in Syria including in the construction business.
For the first time in years, the number of companies established in 2017 by Syrians living in Turkey declined.
Filings from some companies have confirmed the improvement in the Syrian business environment in 2017 after years of steep decline.
At a business forum held in Moscow last week, many obstacles still seemed to stand in the way of the improvement in the economic and business ties between Syria and Russia.
Reports of new labour supply patterns in the Syrian economy are increasing and highlight the changing structure of the labour market over the past seven years.


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