Despite the war, the Central Boycott Office of the Arab League continues to operate from Damascus and blacklist companies that deal with Israel, including recently two large western groups.
Syria’s exports contracted further in the first quarter of this year, according to a government official.
The U.S. has blacklisted more than 200 Syrian individuals linked to a military research centre, though the move is unlikely to have much economic or political impact.
A scheduled bus trip has reportedly been launched between Qamishli and Damascus for the first time in four years, linking again the Iraqi border with the Mediterranean.
Our article published on April 11 on the freeze of the assets of several proinent businessmen and security official family members included a factual mistake.
The monthly income required to meet the basic needs of an average household in Damascus increased by around 7 percent in the past three months, according to a local paper.
A large governmental delegation has spent several days in the Tartous governorate last week promising billions of pounds in development projects.
The Syrian government has revoked the license of two old and prominent charities in Aleppo as its cronies increasingly set their sights on the lucrative NGO business.
The European Union has lifted its sanctions on a Syrian company that was accused of carrying oil trade with the government, citing insufficient evidence.
The international community has pledged to give USD 5.9 billion to offset the humanitarian impact of the war on Syria and its neighbouring countries.
Today’s chemical attack by the Syrian regime is perfectly timed to highlight the impotence and weakness of the West and place further pressure on it to restore ties with Damascus.
The Syrian President has sacked Adib Mayaleh, the Minister of Economy, as part of a small government reshuffle, ending the political career of a long-time regime servant.
Spanish courts have ordered the seizure of hundreds of properties worth more than 700 million dollars owned by Rifaat Al-Assad, Bashar’s uncle.
A government official has said that all the wives of the “martyrs” of the Syrian army will be entitled to a job with the Government.
Surprise attacks last week by the opposition in Damascus and Hama will do little to change the balance of power on the ground but much to highlight the weak hold of the regime over the country and the unlikeliness of the return of stability in the absence of a political deal.


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