Official data confirm an increase in business activity in the coastal province of Tartous, a regime stronghold that has seen an influx of hundreds of thousands of people in the last three years.
A decree issued by the Syrian President on Eid Al-Adha has increased the monthly salary of all civil servants and armed forces members by 2,500 Syrian pounds.
The UAE welcomed more than 100 thousand Syrians since the beginning of the uprising in 2011, the Government said in response to strong criticism of its policy towards Syrian refugees.
The Syrian Government has banned state institutions from importing from Turkey, while at the same time expanding access to Iranian products.
As Russia sends its troops to Lattakia, it claims that it also plans a number of economic projects in Syria’s coastal city.
The opposition-held segment of Aleppo is benefitting from new funds for the collection and treatment of its solid waste.
The trust fund in charge of funding development and humanitarian projects in opposition-held parts of the country announced in August financial agreements worth more than EUR 4 million for new projects.
Syria’s annual inflation rate last May reached 39.4 percent, according to official statistics.
The assets of Saeb Nahas, one of Syria’s most prominent businessmen, have been frozen according to local media.
Syria’s trade with Lebanon declined by six percent in the first half of 2015 according to statistics from the Lebanese customs.
On August 20, the Syrian President dismissed two ministers and appointed their successors.
Syria’s inflation rate continued to increase in March and April, according to official data.
Syria has adopted a new consumer protection law, formally aimed at regulating domestic trade and ensuring a faster resolution of disputes.
Syrian investors founded more than a third of all companies established by foreigners in Turkey in the first half of 2015, according to official data, increasing their total contribution to foreign investment in that country.
Various groups affiliated to the Syrian opposition are pushing for the replacement of the Syrian Pound by the Turkish Lira in the opposition held northern areas raising a fierce debate among activists and other members of the opposition.