The Syrian authorities are planning to establish three new governorates including one that will cover a significant part of the Kurdish areas.
At least one quarter of Syria’s working force has lost its job in the last two years according to a recent report by the General Labour Union.
The following document is the English version of the speech delivered by the President of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, during the Arab League Summit in Doha, Qatar.
An Economic Crime Law has been issued by the Syrian government with the formal aim of clamping down on corruption and theft.
The Syrian President appointed today a new head for the Hassakeh Governorate.
Trade between Syria and the United States fell some 93 percent in 2012 following sanctions imposed by the American administration.
The latest edition of the Human Development Index, an index released every year by the United Nations Development Programme, ranked Syria 116th in the world.
Syria’s formal inflation rate has remained at just under 50 percent in October and November, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.
The number of Syrian refugees crossed the 1 million mark last week as the United Nations warned of a humanitarian situation that is “dramatic beyond description.”
The Institute of International Finance forecasts Syria’s GDP to decline by 15 percent in 2013, the latest grim outlook on Syria’s economic performance for this year.
Syria’s Ministry of Interior is extending by two years the validity of the passports of all Syrian expatriates that request it.
The Syrian government has estimated the total cost of the uprising gripping the country since March 2011 at USD 11 billion, or some SYP 1 trillion, by the fall of last year.
The number of Syrians that have been registered, or that are in the process of being registered, as refugees has crossed the 900,000 mark, according to the United Nations.
The National Coalition, Syria’s main opposition grouping, issued a statement on February 15 in which it set the parameters for a political settlement with the Syrian authorities.
The recent string of successes by rebels in Syria’s northeast threatens to strain further the supply of key commodities in the country’s urban centres.


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