The recent string of successes by rebels in Syria’s northeast threatens to strain further the supply of key commodities in the country’s urban centres.
The Syrian President has issued a decree lifting penalties on tax payments arrears in a bid to collect much needed cash for the government.
Official trade between Turkey and Syria fell in 2012 to around a quarter of its level only a year earlier, according to statistics from the Turkish government.
The number of projects licensed last year by the Syrian Investment Agency declined 75 percent on an annual basis.
The Syrian President has appointed seven new ministers, including for the finance and oil portfolios, in a move that apparently bears little political significance, except that it will include for the first time ever a woman wearing a veil.
International donors have pledged more than USD 1.5 billion in humanitarian aid to Syria at a conference in Kuwait on January 30.
The number of Syrian refugees registered by the United Nations crossed the 700 thousand mark last week to stand today at 718,899.
The World Bank and ESCWA have estimated Syria’s GDP to have plunged by 20 to 30 percent last year as the war engulfing the country continues to take its toll on the economy.
The government wants to expand barter deals with foreign countries by establishing a special committee that will oversee this type of agreements and adopt a framework for them.
On January 16, the Syrian President appointed new governors for two of the most contested provinces in the country.
Iran is providing a USD 1 billion credit line to Syria, although around half of the amount will go to fund electricity projects developed by Iranian companies, including the construction of a power plant in the coastal area.
Some 60,000 Syrians died from the violence engulfing the country since last year, according to the United Nations.
The following document is the English version of the speech given by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on January 07 in the Opera House in Damascus.
Syria's formal inflation rate increased by 48 percent on an annual basis in September, according to the government's statistical agency.
Syria has formally adopted its 2013 budget, which is rising 4.3 percent in nominal terms.


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