The average monthly income of a Syrian refugee worker in Lebanon is almost 40 percent lower than the minimum wage, a survey by the International Labour Organization has found.
The number of labour lawsuits has surged in the last three years as a large number of wage earners have lost their jobs.
Mohammad Makhlouf, the maternal uncle of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and father of business tycoon Rami Makhlouf, has seen a European Court refuse his request for the lifting of sanctions imposed on him.
The Syrian Government has increased the price of bread, heating oil, fuel oil and cooking gas to levels that effectively largely reduce its subsidies bill but also dent further the purchasing power of the population, in spite of a partial compensation for wage earners.
ISIS has reportedly prepared a budget of USD 2 billion for 2015 for the regions under its control in Syria and Iraq.
An average Syrian family needs some USD 267 per month in order to cover its basic expenses, according to an estimate made by a local media.
Syria’s tax office has reduced the annual tax bill that dozens of categories of businesses will pay on their income.
The Syrian Government has extended an exemption of customs duties on Iranian products, the only known result of several days of negotiations between the two governments.
Lebanon has imposed visas on Syrians entering its territory for the first time since the creation of these two states some 70 years ago.
Syrians spent more money on lottery this year than they did last year, according to a government official.
The Syrian government will be allocating 50 percent of all new positions in the public sector to the families of the soldiers who have fallen fighting on its side in the last four years.
The US Treasury has put under sanctions 11 new individuals and companies located in four different countries for supporting the Syrian Government purchase oil products.
While the results of the visit last week to Tehran of Syrian Prime Minister Wael Halqi are not yet clear, the growing dependency of Damascus on its ally is increasingly obvious.
Several dozen factories have relocated to Tartous in 2014, according to a Syrian official.
The Syrian Government has overhauled drastically the country’s customs tariff scheduled and reduced to a fifth the highest duty rates.


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