Food & Agriculture

The government is raising the price at which it is buying sugar beet from its farmers in a bid to limit the expected steep decline in the volume of the crop.
Syria is to suspend wheat imports in the current season, a government official said.
Syria’s imports of white sugar remained strong last year according to government statistics.
The Syrian farming sector has taken losses of SYP 101 billion from international sanctions and the violence engulfing the country according to the Minister of Agriculture.
Syria is seeking to purchase new quantities of soft wheat from Ukraine, according to government officials.
Syria is paying a premium of some 5 percent on the wheat it is importing from global markets, as exports to the country grow increasingly routine, according to Reuters.
Syria’s sugar beet output is forecast by the Ministry of Agriculture to drop by two thirds.
Syria’s General Company for Bottling Water, a state-owned venture, reported profits in its 2012 operations.
The government has raised the procurement price of the wheat it is buying from its farmers this season.
The Syrian government has ordered the transfer of wheat stored in the northeast of the country to Damascus, according to local press reports.
Syria plans to import 1.1 million tons of wheat in order to meet local demand, according to a state official.
The Syrian Government is suspending all loans to cotton growers, an unprecedented move for the pro-farmers Baathist-led government that signals increasing financial difficulties for the Syrian authorities.
An Iranian company will build five new flour mills in Syria under a contract that will be financed by the recent credit line provided by Tehran to the Syrian government.
Syria’s sugar beet crop is likely to witness a steep decline this year as farmers planted the crop on only 40 percent of the allocated area, according to an official from the Ministry of Agriculture.
A fire destroyed large parts of the Nestle factory in Syria at the end of February, one of several large plants to have been damaged around the Syrian capital in recent weeks.


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