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Syria has cancelled two tenders for the procurement of food commodities in recent weeks, Reuters has reported, further endangering food supplies to the population.
Syria’s citrus fruits production is expected to be on target this year as it will be little affected by the violence gripping the country.
Syria has issued a new tender for the purchase of wheat as the government plans a surge in imports to meet falling demand.
Syria has extended the deadline for a tender to procure rice from international markets.
The Agricultural Support Fund, originally established to help farmers cope with the rise in the price of their inputs, is seeing a decline in its annual budget in spite of soaring input costs.
Syria’s falling agriculture production is forcing the government to issue various tenders for the import of food products.
The FAO’s new estimate for Syria’s wheat crop is 2.4 million tons as the government reports that procurements from farmers are at less than a third of last year’s level.
Syria is issuing new tenders for the procurement of white sugar and rice.
The government is raising the price at which it is buying sugar beet from its farmers in a bid to limit the expected steep decline in the volume of the crop.
Syria is to suspend wheat imports in the current season, a government official said.
Syria’s imports of white sugar remained strong last year according to government statistics.
The Syrian farming sector has taken losses of SYP 101 billion from international sanctions and the violence engulfing the country according to the Minister of Agriculture.
Syria is seeking to purchase new quantities of soft wheat from Ukraine, according to government officials.
Syria is paying a premium of some 5 percent on the wheat it is importing from global markets, as exports to the country grow increasingly routine, according to Reuters.
Syria’s sugar beet output is forecast by the Ministry of Agriculture to drop by two thirds.


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