Food & Agriculture

Syria will purchase 100,000 tons of soft wheat from Romania, while this year’s wheat crop is now estimated at below 3 million tons, lower than previous forecasts of around 3.5 million.
The General Establishment for Cereals Trade and Processing is importing 200,000 tons of soft wheat this year in order to meet quality requirements at its mills, according to the company’s management.
Iran’s Tosee Siloha is to build four new grain silos in Syria at a cost of SYP 6 billion, according to the Director General of the General Company for Silos, AbdulLatif Al-Amin.
Syria’s production of lint cotton is estimated at 160,000 tons this year as the seed cotton crop fell to 472,000 tons.
Syria’s wheat crop is forecast to reach 3.6 million tons this year after floods in the northeast reduced the expected output from an earlier estimate of 4 million tons.
Syria’s General Organization for Sugar, or GOFS, said its five refineries will produce 280,000 tons of sugar this year.
Syria’s sugar beet crop is estimated at 1.7 million tons, well above projections and last year’s output.
Syria had 15 million sheep last year, according to a census of the country’s livestock carried out by the Syrian government.
Syria’s General Company for Mills has awarded a EUR 53.5 million contract for the construction of four new flour mills.
Syria’s Ministry of Agriculture has announced that it is increasing the wheat procurement price it pays to farmers.
Heavy rains across Syria will help boost the country’s agricultural crop this year after years during which the sector suffered from low water levels, diseases and mismanagement.
The Syrian Government has announced two new financial measures to support farmers coping with an increase in the cost of inputs.
Syria’s sugar beet production in 2011 is expected to fall to 1.25 million tons after the government decided to reduce the planting area.
The steep decline in Syria’s agricultural output is primarily due to the reduction in state subsidies to farmers, according to a report by the Agricultural Workers Union.
Only 5 percent of Syrian adults are regular consumers of alcoholic drinks according to a recent study by the World Health Organisation.


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