Food & Agriculture

Syria’s 2012/2013 olive crop has remained stable, according to estimates from the Ministry of Agriculture.
Syria imported more than 300,000 tons of sugar in the first three quarters of the year with more to come, according to a report.
Syria’s pistachio crop is expected to reach a record level this year, according to the head of the Federation of Chambers of Agriculture.
Syria’s wheat crop is higher than it was previously estimated but it faces major distribution problems, according to an industry executive.
Nama, the only listed agro-food company, said that assets it owns located in the Hassakeh province were attacked causing damages worth dozens of millions of Syrian pounds.
Syria’s seed cotton crop is estimated to have dropped significantly while the government is unable to access much of it.
The state-owned General Fertilizers Company has stopped all production because of low demand and arrears owed by the Agricultural Bank.
The sharp decline in local output will force Syria to increase its foreign procurements of wheat, according to a government official.
The ministry of economy has banned all exports of fruits and vegetables until the end of the year in a bid to maintain regular supplies in the local market.
The Syrian government is raising dramatically the price of fertilizers sold to its farmers.
Syria and Russia have signed a contract for the construction of a new flour mill near the town of TalKalakh.
Syria has cancelled two tenders for the procurement of food commodities in recent weeks, Reuters has reported, further endangering food supplies to the population.
Syria’s citrus fruits production is expected to be on target this year as it will be little affected by the violence gripping the country.
Syria has issued a new tender for the purchase of wheat as the government plans a surge in imports to meet falling demand.
Syria has extended the deadline for a tender to procure rice from international markets.


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