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Syria’s tobacco organisation, a traditionally important contributor to the Treasury, announced a decline in cigarette production volumes last year as several plants stopped production.
The turnover of Syria’s state-owned food companies last year was only at a third of the planned turnover.
Al-Ahliah Vegetable Oil, the only listed food manufacturer in Syria, has announced a steep decline in its 2013 revenues.
The Syrian government imported hundreds of thousands of tons of various food commodities last year, according to data from the state trading entity.
Syria contracted foreign traders to supply more than 400 thousand tons of flour last year, according to a government official.
Syria’s fertilizers output in 2013 declined sharply following a fall in demand and signalling a potentially lower agricultural crop this year.
The volume of seed cotton purchased last year by the Syrian government from its farmers is at less than a tenth of its level of 2012, according to the state cotton entity, an indication of the steep drop in the crop.
The Syrian government is reducing customs duties on food imports as the low local production is creating shortages and raising prices.
Syria is issuing a tender for the import of food commodities and offering to pay international suppliers through an Iranian bank, Reuters has reported.
Syria’s 2012/2013 olive crop has remained stable, according to estimates from the Ministry of Agriculture.
Syria imported more than 300,000 tons of sugar in the first three quarters of the year with more to come, according to a report.
Syria’s pistachio crop is expected to reach a record level this year, according to the head of the Federation of Chambers of Agriculture.
Syria’s wheat crop is higher than it was previously estimated but it faces major distribution problems, according to an industry executive.
Nama, the only listed agro-food company, said that assets it owns located in the Hassakeh province were attacked causing damages worth dozens of millions of Syrian pounds.
Syria’s seed cotton crop is estimated to have dropped significantly while the government is unable to access much of it.


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