Food & Agriculture

Syria has contracted an international supplier for the purchase of 100,000 tons of feed barley.
The Syrian government is increasing the area of irrigated land used to grow wheat as it plans a record harvest next year and is allocating SYP 33 billion to purchase the cotton crop from its farmers.
Eighty percent of Homs’ poultry farms are out of business, according to a local official, highlighting the potential looming shortages of some food items in the country.
The Syrian authorities have rescheduled, for the second year in a row, debts owed by the country’s farmers and scrapped delay penalty fees.
The Syrian government has issued a new tender for the purchase of wheat, according to Reuters.
Syria’s state-owned water bottling company said that it had bottled 114 million litres from its four springs in the first nine months of the year, around half its planned production.
The Syrian government has recently concluded two transactions for the purchase of 150,000 tons of milling wheat, the state's cereals trading body said.
Syria is increasing the procurement price of wheat next season as it aims to raise output.
The government has increased by around 20 percent its procurement price for cotton.
Syria produced 1 million tons of flour in the first six months of this year, according to the General Company for Mills.
Syria’s 2012 citrus fruits crop is estimated at 1.1 million tons by the Ministry of Agriculture, in line with last year’s levels.
Nagib Assaf, one of Syria’s most prominent businessmen, died on September 8 following an illness.
The Ministry of Agriculture plans to raise the price it pays to buy cotton from its farmers to take into account rising costs.
The Ministry of Agriculture is allocating SYP 60 billion to fund this year's cereals harvest.
Three million Syrians are in need of humanitarian support because of the losses and displacements caused by the uprising gripping the country, the FAO said.


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